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Anti-inflammatory with Asthma and on warfarin

I could do with some suggestions please. At any point in the next three months I will be having my second ablation. I am an asthmatic, but the issue is I am in constant pain from my neck as I have bone spurs that are constantly touching a nerve in my neck, as a result i can just about get a couple of hours sleep if i sleep on my left side, I can not sleep on my right at all and I can't even lie on my back. Apart from the fact I am in constant pain with it, after the ablation I know I have to keep still for hours and I know I wont be able to.

They are going to give me a general anesthetic this time,which is a relief so I wont feel that at all, but I know I will when I wake up and then I will not be able to lie still.

When I saw my doctor he would only give me a stronger version of volterol to rub on as normal anti inflammatories trigger my asthma. It has no effect what so ever.

So after a long build up...... my question is is there something compatible with being asthmatic, on warfarin, flecanide and diltizaem?

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Perhaps your Pharmacist could advise you?


I do understand and share your worry but you really MUST discuss this problem with your ablation team. I was always asked if I could lay on my back for any length of time and up till the last ablation I was fine. Some issues with sciatica made my last one most uncomfortable to say the least and getting the necessary pain killers prescribed was a chore.

Get in there first would be my advice.


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Thanks Bob, I'll speak to them soon as I can


I was very anxious about my ablation because I have a fused spine and need to be careful how I move my body. I was also anxious about having a CV which in the event I had two of. When I came round from the GA I was like a zombie, had hallucinations all night, which made me wonder if I had had morphine and the Arrhythmia Nurse confirmed that I had. By the time I got home that evening I was in severe pain in my neck and shoulders but I certainly had no problem with lying still as long as needed.

As Bob said your team should know about this problem. I told my EP as soon as he suggested the ablation in case it affected the decision.


I'm notoriously hard to sedate unfortunately so as soon as they bring me round I am alert as if I'd not been under general anesthetic that's why I'm nervous, I will speak to them as you say


Try Accupuncture it worked for me but you must have it done twice a week


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