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Post-ablation (just out)


So if you are going to have a catheter ablation; do not worry! Mine was done under sedation and when I went in, I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking so they gave me something to calm me down (and it worked straight away). There was a bit of discomfort as they put the catheters in but nothing TOO painful and this was remedied with a quick shout to the nurse. You feel the wires enter your heart which is an unusual sensation but not uncomfortable or the like then they try to set it off with the electrical probe. If that doesn’t work, they will give you some drugs - one of which I reacted badly to; severe pins and needles in the hands and leg cramps in the left leg but they turned down the dosage and even massaged my leg until it calmed down. They did struggle at first to set off the Tachy’s long enough to map it but they were persistent and eventually got it mapped. It’s a little uncomfortable when they ablate it but not painful and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again. Towards the end I was quite sleepy and would have drifted off completely were it not for it being the end of the op. I was apparently quite an unusual case but I know they ablated an extra accessory pathway (I will know more tomorrow once I speak to Dr Lord but we didn’t get out the op until 8pm so he is going to let me know all about it then)

Overall I feel absolutely fine, bleeding a bit from the groin but the nurses keep applying pressure and I’ll keep you updated over the next few days.

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Well done, it's a great feeling to get the procedure over with... It sounds like they did a great job too. Sleep well and best wishes for your recovery.

Good post Kovus, very informative! Take it easy now and look forward to a great recovery......

Sounds positive And hope the recovery goes well.

Best wishes. I am glad you found the ablation not much of a problem.

The two I had were also not problematical, even less than yours with the sound of it.

I was actually watching the monitor when the wire entered my heart, It only seemed a very short while since it went in the groin. I was surprised.


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I was watching it too 😂 found it fascinating

Thank you for such an honest post and the promise of an update.

Very best wishes for an AF- free future. And remember to rest, rest, rest to facilitate healing.

All the best glad it went so well, now rest and recuperate

I watched too though drifted. Mild sedative but easily awakened when sensation altered. St Francis Hospital (the "Heart Hospital" in NY) is top notch and a 15 minute ride from Bayside. I'd do it again if needed. Scary to think how easily I could have stroked out while the node to nowhere kept the blood from moving on. My memory is not as good and do have brain fog so wonder if that episode caused it.

Been having a few little runs as though going to go into the Tachy but not actually going into it today but I know this is to be expected so I'm not worried about it :)

I thought I’d just post an update; I’ve had no issues and I’m back to regularly exercising - fitness classes and running - without anything untoward happening :)

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I'm surprised that you've had no response to this.

I think a few of us, with hindsight, have felt we'd have been better if we had done less rather than more post ablation. Feeling fine is great but keeping the stoppers on can perhaps pay dividends.

jennydog above says remember to rest, rest, rest to facilitate healing.

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