Had my ablation today. The worst part was the wait, in hospital at 7:30, taken down at 10:55. Once they set it off, they confirmed it was AVNRT, a simpler ablation, and I was out of theatre by 11:20. Then the normal lying till, taking the stich out and more lying still. Anyway, all OK, a bit sore, warned that I could get tachycardia for 6-8 weeks. Back to see the Doctor in 3 months.

The theatre was cold, as was everything they touched me with. Not much sedation for this operation, if it had been atrial flutter it would have meant a longer op and more sedation.

I let you know how things go over the next few days.

Oh, no alcohol for at least 4 days (puts your blood pressure up)

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  • That's a great outcome, well done. I hoped they would find an AVNRT when I had my EP Study as they said it would be ablated there and then and that would be it, sorted long term. No such luck though in my case my arrhythmias were not caused by that. I was praying it would be as the prognosis was excellent so here's hoping you are well and truly sorted now after your recovery.

    Here's hoping you can get back to a normal life quickly once over the procedure. Be well and enjoy your freedom. So pleased for you. My relative had an AVNRT ablated years ago in Australia and has had no further trouble whatsoever. Best wishes. Rest, rest, rest now.

  • Great news and the no alcohol is a small price to pay. Just looking longingly at a couple of bottles of Malbec given to me today as a thank you for getting somebody out of the sherbet. Maybe next week?

  • Glad everything went ok. Get plenty rest x

  • Those were the times I had, to be there for 7.30, came and took me to the cath lab waiting room at 10.30 then into the cath lab at 10.55 and yes it was soooo cold! I didn't feel very sedated at all and kept telling them so but was in for just over 2 hours. Glad everything went ok and that you're now on the road to recovery!

  • I had an op a few years back and I was wheeled into an outer room for the anaesthetist to start her work. I was shaking uncontrollably with cold and she had difficulty finding a vein. That was the first I knew that operating theatres were kept at a very low temperature.

  • ** Oh, no alcohol for at least 4 days (puts your blood pressure up)**

    Now I know the cure for hypotension:-)

    When I had a recent procedure at the Royal Sussex I was laying on a sort of warmed blown up plastic mattress that kept me warm. It went with me to the recovery area until I was moved to a bed in the ward.

  • Indeed, it really depends where you do your aplation and that of cause depends very much on your insurance coverage. Did mine bit more than 3 weeks ago in Bangkok, Bumrungrad hospital. EP Dr. Koonlawee flew in from Los Angeles. 1st class service, warm under-bed never cold at all. Bumrungrad is one of four hospital worldwide that use the new CARTO real time 3D system. I had to wear a futuristic looking vest that is able to dedect 250 spots on the body that produce electrical impulses. Together with a CT scan it produces a real live time 3D model of the heart.

    Procedure is much more precise and time is reduced to 3 hours. They were able to induce Atrial flutter in the right atrium and AFIB in the left atrium. After ablation they were not able to re-induce it again.

    Whole procedure including 2 nights in private room for total 30K.

    If you think about ablation or a 2nd or 3rd, reckon its worth it to contact Dr. Koonlawee in his clinic in Los Angeles. He is doing procedures in the USA and also overseas.



  • If only we had an International Health Service!

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