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Post ablation

I had my cryoablation a week ago and within four hours of going home my heart started racing again. I contacted the specialist nurse first thing on Monday (as it had been Friday when I went home) and after having an ECG was diagnosed with atrial tachycardia. Was back in hospital for a cardioversion on Wednesday and guess what - that didn't work either. But had to stay in overnight.

I was put on amiodorone to see if that would put my heart back into sinus rhythm which it did. I was subsequently discharged yesterday and guess what - this afternoon my heart started racing again and hasn't stopped.

The consultant wants me to stay on the amiodorone until the end of the month to see if the heart reverts to normal rhythm and if it doesn't then they are suggesting another ablation. To do one before then would be too soon after the first one.

Has anyone else had such a traumatic time of it and if you have - what was the solution?

I was so sure the ablation would work but now I am feeling far worse than I ever did with AF and more scared and depressed.

Really thought I would be reporting back to everyone here with a great success story. But I have to say that throughout all this trauma the staff at the hospital could not have been more caring or understanding. In fact the consultant said that it was extremely unusual for atrial tachycardia to happen after an ablation.

Perhaps someone on this forum has some positive news to share if they have experienced this - I really do hope so......

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Hi! I know it is hard, but try not to panic! The first 3-6 months post ablation is the blanking period while your heart is healing from the assault of the ablation and it is not uncommon to have events during this time. It does not mean your ablation didn't work. After my ablation I had an electrolyte imbalance that put me back into AFib on day 3 and that lasted almost 2 weeks. It took two cardioversions and the right drug, which was propafenone for me, to get me back into NSR. That was nearly 2 years ago and all has been well ever since. Personally, I would not sign up for another ablation until at least 3 months of healing giving time for your heart to settle down. My advice is to take your meds, and take it easy to heal gently . You only have one chance to heal well from this ablation . Be healthy, be optimistic! Good luck and keep us posted.

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Thank you so much for your reply and your advice about a further ablation. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.


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Hello, I'm in a similar situation to you but after my second ablation. A slight difference is that my EP told me that it isn't that unusual to have atrial tachycardia after an ablation and that if amioderone doesn't sort it out then it is easier to fix than AF is with ablation. Hope I have expressed that properly in my rather unmedical terms.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed but even if the amioderone doesn't work and time because it does take time for the heart to heal post ablation I feel all right about it all as I understand that many people have more than one ablation. And it's all a lot better than it would be if I was untreated. I really believe that there isn't anything to be scared about.



I'm with PJR on this one. I had A tach after all three of my ablations but once sorted I have been AF free for nine years. It is SO early in your healing process which as I am sure you will have been told can take between three and six months so please don't worry . The important thing right now is rest and good hydration. Drink plenty of water , not tea or coffee which have the reverse affect, and eat small meals to ease the demand on your healing heart.


Hi Bob

Again I feel so heartened by the replies I have received to my post. I really don't feel as bad as I did last night.

You are all wonderful on this forum. Wouldn't it be just great to get a booklet together so that all cardiologists could give it out to AF patients.

I feel so much more positive!

Thank you. Gloria


Have sent you a private message. x



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