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It's a funny old world


My blood pressure is drifting a bit so I have been trying to keep an eye on it. Being a fully paid up member of the crazy heart club I have persevered in trying to record my BP, ignoring all error messages and recording 3 readings and taking an average.

This mornings readings averaged out at 157/98. Hmm = a bit high. So off I went on my usual friday 6 mile walk (with decaff coffee break in the middle). Came back to find the freezer had disconnected itself and defrosted nicely. So throw it all out, mop up the floor, clean the freezer, etc.

So stuff this for a game of soldiers, off we went for lunch, glass of wine, 3 egg omelette, salad and chips, followed by gluten free sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. Lovely.

Ran the gauntlet of school kids pick up rally , quick chat with neighbours about a local burglary and back. Just for curiousity I decided to measure my BP .


I give up.

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Love the story and the way you tell it, but sorry about all that wasted food.

I haven't a clue what to make of your very variable blood pressure especially when one might have expected it to be raised. Maybe the moral of the story is drink wine, eat chips and sticky toffee pudding with ice cream - I wish! Now that's made me feel hungry so I'd better go and cook tea.

Maybe someone will be able to come up with an explanation before I check back here.

Ianc2 in reply to CaroleF

Ah yes, someone. There are currently slanderous and malignant whisperings echoing in the dark places of the house that someone overstretched the multi plug that connected to the freezer so they could plug in their lawnmower. Such allegations and calumnies are indefensible. I shall have to get somebody to do something about it.

CaroleF in reply to Ianc2

No! How dare they? 'Someone' has an awful lot to answer for. Perhaps s/he has the answer to your bp going up (or is it down) like a yo-yo??

I find that my HB seems to be linked to my BP. As daft as it sounds the lower my HB (of which seems nice and comfortable) = a higher BP. So, when I think about it, the general information says when exercising work your heart/cardiovascular system (reasonably) hard to have a good BP.

The question is; is your medication keeping your HB too low thus giving you higher BP, that is until you start moving about forcing a higher HB, thus a lower BP - if that makes sense.

Ianc2 in reply to john6

Hi John

Thanks for answer. Yes it makes sense, my fit bit has an activity tracker on it which tracks number of hours with 250+ steps per hour. I will have to move a bit more perhaps, instead of sitting comfortably and looking at websites like this one, (well someone has to do it).

I take rampiril and I am looking at how long a single dose lasts. It appears that this can vary according to individual physique and the average appears to be about 2 hours to absorb and an average of 13 hours to wash out.

So if I take the pill, breakfast at 8 am, absorption by 10 am, clears system by 11pm, leaving no drug in the system overnight. So, to me, this implies that two smaller doses a day may be better than just one large dose, and may explain why here are such variations in blood pressure. What do you think?

john6 in reply to Ianc2

"This mornings readings averaged out at 157/98. Hmm = a bit high".

When I first started to take my BP readings I got a little bit concerned as they were leaning towards the high side 140 ish over 95 ish. At one point I started to take it as soon as I woke up ie still in bed (as a hospital might do). The readings tended to come out quite high which surprised me, after all, how much more relaxed can you get after sleeping and still being in bed!

When I take my readings (3) I note the date, the time, my heart rate + of course the actual BP readings. I noted that (on most occasions) if my HR was low, as was the case after sleeping, then my BP tended to be higher. The chances of your/my HR being lower than the reading when we are asleep, are imo far greater, as others have proven with their recording gadgets. If that is the case, then it stands to reason that ones BP will increase due to lower activity of the heart.

On the basis of the above thought/theory I had my medication changed from Bisoprolol 5mg to Nebivolol 5mg. Initially I found no difference whatsoever, however, as time has gone on 2/3 months, my HR has gone up from (averaging) 43/52 and my BP leaning towards (as said) the high side, to now averaging 54/60 and BP coming in with very acceptable numbers, readings taken around 11.15 am.

Your high BP might be a result of a HR that is going too low during your sleep. I guess that you will have to take readings at different times to see how your BP is actually reacting .

Davebe in reply to Ianc2

I was taken off Ramapril by both my EP and the neurologist In an attempt to prevent me passing out. I must say the idea wasn't very successful and I still pass out caused by the high BP. I should get my next appointment to see the EP later this month. Hoping his idea may change. Dave

Many home BP monitors are inaccurate if you are in AF

seasider18 in reply to Gincalpe

My Hypertension centre consultant tells me to take four readings over a ten minute period and if three are in close range to believe them.

If you are not worrying about it will go down. Nothing like a crisis or emergency to do that.

How long were you out for it completely defrost with the door closed ? I thought they would stay frozen for a good five hours cuddled up together in the cold.

As CaroleF states, 'good story and well told '. Your higher reading is very much as my usual. It fluctuates such as last night where I was found outside my front door. I was taken to hospital and kept in for most of the night. My BP was sky high, and my HR had dropped too much, causing me to pass out. It's times like this when I start moping for my old self. Oops here I go again a 64 year old bloke starting to feel sorry for myself. Oh well there's always someone worse. Take care. Dave

Ianc2 in reply to Davebe

Hi Dave

Just replied to john6, What do you think?

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