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Is low pulse pressure (BP Gap) usual during an AF attack


Being doing a lot of commenting on not having attacks & it has bit me in the A**.

First one so panicking a bit.

Had an absolute stinker of a cold & cough. Legs felt wobbly & I felt dizzy & weak. Heart rate varies between 98 & 132 so not a huge problem. Bp monitor says irregular 90 % of readings..

Its the bp readings that worry me. I believe it is called low pulse pressure. Average around 20 diff a few at less than 10. Is this common in AF. Normally this is ok .

Is it usual & do I panick.

I have phoned doctor and hubby is taking me round later this morning.

Advice always welcome.

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My BP was always very low during AF but many monitors have difficulty getting a reading because of tge irregular pulse,

It is important to keep well hydrated - drink at least 2 litres of water daily. Water will help to raise your BP and will make you feel a bit better. I would suspect that the nasty virus was the original cause of the problem.

My BP drops like a stone when in AF but as long as your systolic is 90 or above the majority of the time - nothing to worry about.

I find it will drop, come back, then drop. As long as you aren’t symptomatic - dizzy, faint etc then I doubt they will do much. Sometimes IV fluid can help if you are dehydrated but I take a small pinch of sea salt into mouth and allow it to dissolve in the mouth and then sip a glass of water and I find that helps - but not something to do if you have kidney problems without consulting GP.

Good advice to keep very well hydrated and watch electrolytes generally - coconut water is also excellent for hydration + electrolytes.

Agree about the virus - always a trigger for me.

Hope you feel better soon.

kkatz in reply to CDreamer

Thanks Cdreamer.definitely symptomatic.dizzy ,feeling sick.been to docs.In AF but probably solved low pulse pressure. No monitor can't handle the AF.I took it with me .it identifies it but shows the diastolic as higher. The doc was going to give me antibiotics for my cough as a precaution(chest clear). but seems I am allergic to most they would give as of the same family I have had problems with in the past. So see how I am in a for the AF.

skipabeat in reply to CDreamer

Hi,CDreaamer, coconut water willl lower blood pressure- be careful.


Machines are unlikely to be accurate if you are in AF but yes BP can fall after an event.

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