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18 months post ablation and Starbucks accident


I am back to my AF family with 18 months post ablation "report". Everything is fine.

I forgot that I was in hell for 2 years until two months ago when I was in London with my wife. We stopped for cappuccino at Starbucks somewhere in the City (near Bank). I don't use sugar any more so I usually just put a little bit of chocolate powder. But, that little bottle was clogged so I opened it but I couldn't control the amount that went out.

Half of the bottle ended in my cappuccino. First sip and it was delicious. Second, third and all of sudden I felt weakness in my legs, sweat and lack of air with constant burping that I used to experience during Afibs.

Sense of panic was creeping in. What do we do in a city we barely know. My wife grabbed one Metoprolol pill from her bag and after some 15 minutes I was better.

I couldn't believe that it was caused by chocolate powder so some two weeks ago (back home in Miami) I decided to repeat the cappuccino experiment but I was careful not to put too much - just a bit more than usual "dose".

Three minutes after the first sip I felt weakness in my legs and lightheadedness. I took some water with Metoprolol and I was fine within minutes. Well, I guess that was my last chocolate powder in cappuccino. Otherwise, extra milk sweetens it enough and cappuccino (caffeine) never bothers me. My EP told me that they have a lot of Afib cases caused by eating chocolate.

Regards and best wishes to all of you.

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Wow, glad you had an antidote. At least you know your triggers and can swerve them in future. You would have been in excellent hands in our capital city if you had needed medical care. Some of the best EPs in the country were right on your doorstep. Best wishes.


That is really interesting. Thank you for posting !

Chocolate is one of my triggers. I have permanent AF, I can have a couple of chocolates from a box but more than two and my heart rate goes mad. Fortunately I have never been much of a chocolate eater but my husband would struggle he has to have his daily fix of chocolate lol.


I have been on Metoprolol for almost two years and have done well. I am almost 1 year post 2nd ablation and still in rhythm..

That is one of the many cannot eats on my list. They say dark chocolate is good for you! Whilst I like it, it gives me a headache along with a kick start to an Afib session - bye bye chocolate in all forms for me, except Costa Coffee. ......I guess you were in the wrong coffee shop lol.

Interesting. An idiosyncratic response..

I have AF and 6-months post Ablation I ate several chunks of very dark chocolate in a restaurant. I paid for it 2-hours later as it triggered AF. Along with alcohol and caffeine it’s on my avoid list!

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