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Two years post ablation


Hello to all,

Just a little update after over 2 years from my ablation. I wrote about my difficult 2 months recovery after 6 hour ablation in early March of 2017.

Everything is still fine - I "forgot" what AFib word means - just one minor "incident" (weakness and sweating) after accidentally pouring too much of chocolate into my cappuccino last June.

Two coffees a day, glass of wine twice a week, beer almost every day.

One thing I am careful with - I don't eat to feel full. I remember that caused problems.

Big Thank You to this community - you helped me so so much.

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That's so good to hear and gives all of us hope of being AF free too.

Wishing you a full and healthy life. Lucky so and so!


Thank you Jean and all of you that replied. I remember you've been one of the active members in AF family.

People like you provide tremendous help when AF monster strikes.

God bless.

Nice to hear succesfull stories.

Hope you stay healthy, good luck 🤞!

Delighted all is well - long may it continue!

Sogood to read, it’s nice to hear good outcomes,


So nice to hear good out comes. I wish more people would post these!

I’ve been 1 year AF free without meds since my 1st ablation in March of 2018.

great news thanks for dropping in to share. :-)

I am delighted for you, good to hear that ablation can work well. All the very best


So very happy for you!

I am also 2 years post ablation,off all meds,ive had a couple a little bouts of mild palpitations/ectopics but nothing sustained,i used to get AF about 6 days on and 6 days off just before my ablation i just hope it stays away for good

Good luck to all on here suffering with this horrible condition and hope you all find a successful outcome

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Good luck Andy. Keep me updated please

Great to hear - stay healthy & live life!

What a wonderful post. Since your ablation was six hours was this your first and were you in persistent or paroxysmal AF?

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It was my first ablation. I learned of Afib after I went to ER and was admitted to (overnight) hospital. Flecanaide "worked" for 8 months and failed. I needed cardioversion and a few weeks later I was in persistent after which my EP said that Ablation is the next step.

I felt pretty good the first week after the ablation but then things turned to the worse. Extremely difficult recovery for 2 months.

And then one day it just happened - I could walk without having to stop after just ten yards to catch my breath and calm the racing heart.

Very difficult and depressing recovery.

I am not surprised that you were in persistent considering the six hour length of your ablation. And, you were in persistent less than six months considering that you are AF free for two years. Because your heart didn't go into atrial flutter after the ablation, I would bet that you had it done 2 to 3 months into persistent, probably three. Am I right?

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You are absolutely right! Less than 2 months.

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I thought of saying two months , but thought I was pushing it, so I said three. I am so happy for you.

My GP acted like an EP prescribing rate control drugs , without even asking me if I wanted to return to normal rhythm. Then after a year,I went into persistent. The waiting time in the British Columbia system is more than slow and quite backward for AF. I had to bulldoze to the manager of the cardiology department to get an EP appointment at 5 months persistent, and was told the ablation would be 2 to 3 months and beyond. Private clinics are forbidden, so I consulted Bordeaux, France, and had the ablation done in one month's time at 6 months persistent.

But the waiting time had done the damage. I had to have a second ablation because they couldn't get it all the first time and also for peri-mitral atrial flutter. ( It is common when there has been very extensive ablation to have a second ablation for flutter which the heart goes into.) I am now scheduled for a third on May 27th. It will be my third one in Bordeaux, France, and I am paying for all three!!

It should have been only one ablation if western Canada had a more progressive system.

I cannot shout loud enough that if you go into persistent --GET THE ABLATION DONE EARLY!!

Nice to hear positive stories like this. Stay well.

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