Post ablation

Day 3 after ablation. Just feeling a bit more myself today. The consultant was very pleased with the procedure which took 6 hours under general anaesthetic. She has dealt with both the flutter and the fibrillation. I have been in no pain at all apart from a migraine type headache which has now subsided. I have just felt very groggy, a little nauseous (for which they have given me some tablets) and very tired (Slept most of yesterday). I guess this is due to the anaesthetic and also going 'cold turkey' on the Metoprolol and Flecanaide. The patient care was excellent at Nottingham City Hospital and the team have been marvellous. I am going to take my time recovering now and rest, rest, rest.

I would just like to thank all of you who have encouraged me and helped me along the journey, so far. God bless you all xxx

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  • Good news NanT :-)

  • Good news. Yes the migraine often with aura is a side affect of the ablation and should stop after a week to two. Well done on the resting which is very important.

  • Hurrah!

    Hope toe rogue electrical impulse have been short circuited for good!

    Stay well

  • Well done NanT,

  • Clearly not on my keyboard!!! ;)

  • 6 hours! Wow!

    Two nurses at our local hospital both confirmed that it can take up to 6 months to get the effects of a GA out of your system. Expect long term tiredness.

    Very best wishes for an AF-free future.

  • 5 Days on for me from Ab. Hobbling about but also no pain and I can't believe how well I feel. Early days. Like yourself the team who dealt with me were so professional, courteous and friendly it makes one appreciate the old NHS. It's a shame what is happening to it.

  • Indeed! The number of professional people involved and the amount of equipment, just for little me...You can see why it costs so much. Hope your recovery continues to go well. Teresa

  • Your journey has helped me on mine. Thank you for sharing your story and I wish you to be AF free. Enjoy every new day!

  • Thank you Tracey. Hope you are doing well.

  • Thanks Jo

  • It's wonderful what they can do these grateful to be living n this day and age. Good luck on your journey to full health

  • Bless you.

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