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Betablockers Metoprolol vs Nebivolol


My doc is giving me choice re continue metoprolol or try " newer" betablocker Nebivolol. He says he hears less complaints about side effects with Nebivolol. My two concerns are 1. Price is much higher with newer drug and 2. When I read up on Nebivolol, states you cannot suddenly stop it, might cause a heart attack😳.

So... just curious if any of you good people have had the pleasure of using both meds, not at the same time of course.


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We would know it as Nebivolol and although I haven’t had either drug, will find many posters who do.

Try putting Nevivolol in search engine to see previous threads on the subject.

May I suggest you repost and use the generic name and you may get more responses.

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This is the most recent thread

I have a hard time with beta blockers, make me very lethargic and depressed, I currently only take metoprolol if I have an afib episode to help get my rate down. I use it as part of a "cocktail" as my EP calls it and it seems to work well for me. One metoprolol, some Natural Calm and a half of 0.25 of xanax. I was on Bystolic which is the brand name for nebivolol and had no side effects to speak of but they did not have generic when I was on it so had to give it up because of the cost. If the metoprolol gives you major side effects, it might be worth giving the other one a try. Talk with your doc and see if you can switch back with no issues if it cause you grief. Hope this helps.


I took metropolol at first and it made me so sloowww and no energy. I'd take one and about 30m late my heart rate dropped into mid 50s - low 60s. I have a relative who lives across the country from me in New York whos a cardiologist (i'm in California) who said ho way Jose to be taking metrpolol. I got off of it and I DID carry 1 with me as a "pill in a pocket" emergency measure which I used several times. Now if I have an issue which is very rare due to my current regimen, I bring Motherwort tincture and take about 3 dropper fulls and in about 5-10m heart rate drops way down.

If you search for my posts you will see what I take on a regular basis. Basically I've given up taking any meds with the exclusion of cardiziem 240mg 2x a day. The rest are alternatives and I take natural blood thinners. I haven't felt this good in years.

Good luck in your journey to better health.

"Minds like parachutes work best when open."

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Thankyou so much, I will read your posts. Im on a low dose and my heart rate hangs in the 50's and I have way less energy too.

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Thanks! I am 62 years old and used to ride a motorcycle which I hadn't in about 8 years, but now I have been feeling so good that I bought a used Honda 750 and have been riding short distances every 2-3 weekends spacing, so not every weekend. Thought I better do it while I still can!! LOL! I din't feel like I could balance and hold the bike up in my weakend AFIB state prior to my natural modified health regimen. I even have been doing "garage maintenance" lately - read going though and donating / get rid of accumulation.

By the way- my heart rate in AM is usually between 65-76 these last 6 months.


Hi Hoski :-) I have no experience of Metoprolol but have been taking Nebivolol for over a year with no problems that I am aware of.

My heart rate is quite low often below 50 but as our Dr Gupta says 'it is only a number it is how you feel that counts' . I have plenty of energy and walk a couple of miles a day at speed.

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That is good to hear, maybe I should give it a try

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