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AF without fast pulse?


I was just wondering if anyone suffers from symptoms the same as me. I have, according to the experts paroxysmal AF, but when I have a attack I rarely have a HR above 80 just irregular beats. My attacks tend to be for about 10 days but never consistent more intermittent flipping in and out of sinus with more sinus than AF. It just seems most folk have a fast and irregular pulse and mine is just irregular. I am on flecainide and bisoprolol. Thanks for any comments.

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It is quite possible to have slower AF especially if you are taking beta blockers.

djbgatekeeper in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob.

I do not have a rate problem either, just a very irregular pulse. When I go into AF my rate is 80 - 90. The highest ever recorded was 132 when they had to abort an operation. That reading was probably stress related.

Thanks Jenny.

Hi dJ :-) I used to have fast episodes of P-AF over 150 bpm but since being on beta blockers my episodes so far have stayed below 100 bpm so the beta blockers are doing their job.

Thanks Doodle 👍

Me too, usually 70-90, but symptomatic, not on rate or rhythm drugs.


Yes, puls rate about 80, irregular beats, no symptoms apart from some uneasiness in the chest. Not on any drugs until now (66 of age).

whiteface in reply to Hidden

Great to read your post. I'm 60 and also fit and also don't take anything

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In my opinion, if a person has structurally sound heart and in overall good condition, even maybe a little oversized for the body (I am bantam category, 150 pounds, with a long history of exercising) than the reduction in flowrate to 70%, when in AF, does not change anything, so we do not notice any symptoms. If the heart is heavily performing its task and covering the body's needs in blood circulation, even when resting (most of the overweight people or the people with poor heart condition), than this sudden reduction in flowrate brings the body to "suffocating state" and of course that such people have very unpleasant sensations during an AF bout. That's why the recommendations about weight reduction should be taken seriously by all the patients with very symptomatic AF. As for the drugs, take them scarcely, only in extreme need. I even refuse anticoagulants because the dehydration is of prime importance for clot formation, and I never pee a lot when in AF. Be well!

Looks like I'm not on my own then! Thank you for the replies, I was just wondering if my AF was trying to morph into something else that's all hence the post. I'm on a waiting list to see a EP so fingers crossed ablation will be happening in the next few months if that is what is recommended.

My only sympthom when I am in afib is breatheing difficulty. Pulse rate is ok.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Jlaine

Thank you for the reply, I hope you keep well 👍

seasider18 in reply to Jlaine

In what way does affect your breathing ?

Jlaine in reply to seasider18

When in afib at times I am short of breath just walking short. Distance. It's kind of odd that sometimes I am and other times ok even though I am in afib 94% of time.

Could it be AF and Junctional rythm perhaps?

There are other heart rhythms that can cause physical symptoms.

Have you seen an EP? - An EP is a specialist in heart arrhythmias.

Kind regards.

I have recently been diagnosed with PAF. I usually have an irregular beat rather than a fast one. Of course, the medication (I’m on Sotalol) will suppress a fast rate. On one occasion I woke up with a heart rate of 85- not particularly fast you might think- but this was lying in bed, when my heart rate would normally be around 50. So it seems that the medication is suppressing a faster rate. It might be useful to measure your normal resting heart rate when not in AF, then see what it is when you have an episode of PAF.

Thanks I will try that 👍

Yes,sometimes have a fast rate AF,but when i have a slow rate one,feel awful and knocks me about for days.Yet no one seems as concerned unless hr is galloping along.

Im on bisoprolol and 100mg losartan as well as others....

I know what you mean, mine exhausts me so I'm in bed at 7pm for days... Its a curse !

Hi, I always h ad very fast heRt rate when in af even on sotolol but all been settle for 4 year s after third ablation until now Interesting now is that heart rate pretty much avrage rate but having irregular paf, so agree can be in af not just with high heart rate. Take care

Thanks for the reply and I hope you are ok 👍

I have PAF too and like you, my heart can feel as if it is racing and flopping around on occasion, but my pulse is normal. I don't understand why that is either.

Tapanac in reply to castanes

I am the same


Yes I've been having episodes of Fast AFib since November 180+ bpm, then on Sunday it was slow but irregular (I'm not on beta blockers) so I wasn't sure what to do, but I had a bad headache and by evening my BP was 204/125, I have an Aortic Aneurysm as well, so I called an ambulance but after 1.5 hours (they were very busy), my partner drove me to a & e I was back in sinus rhythm by then. They kept me all night and did a brain scan but all OK.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Hidden

So stressful for you, I hope you are feeling ok now. Take care.

Hidden in reply to djbgatekeeper

Yes much better thank you. BP 123/79 amazing. I've started a healthy eating/lifestyle project today so that I'm as fit as possible when I have my ablation. Hope you feel better soon too.

djbgatekeeper in reply to Hidden

Good for you... I'm waiting to see my EP and hoping for an ablation too... Will have to wait and see for now. Good luck with the diet, if you find the magic foods let me know pls 👍😄

I've been in AF with an 85 pulse though my normal resting pulse can be as low as 42.

I have permanent AF with a resting heart rate of 80/90 which was diagnosed in February this year. I am on Rivaroxaban 20mg and was on Bisoprolol 2.5 and reduced to 1.25 but even then left me lethargic and tired all the time. More recent I've changed to Diltiazem 60mg, a Calcium channel blocker which seems much better for me, more back to how I was now.

Most of the time I'm not aware of the AF apart from, strangely enough, in bed but I suppose it's more apparent whilst still. I like others easily get breath but I pace myself accordingly and at almost 70 my brain still thinks I should still be similar to when I was 60!

I do. normal sinus resting pulse 60bpm. Pulse with AF 60bpm. I take nothing (on the advice of doctors. My episodes usually last for up to 3 days and mostly self revert during moderate exercise. Hope this helps

Thanks for the information 👍

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