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BP monitor when in AF


Hi there, how do you AF patients check blood pressure readings when in AF? My concern is that I am now more in AF then sinus rhythm and although I have a blood pressure monitor at home, not sure how accurate they are. The monitor also picks up the irregular heartbeat. Is this what you use or any other recommendations for patients in permanent AF?

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Few home machines are of any use if you are in AF. Unless you know how to use the old fashioned machine and stethoscope you will be unlucky.

Reena09 in reply to BobD

So how do you check BP?

BobDVolunteer in reply to Reena09

As I said, with a stethscope and old fashioned hand operated machine.

I use Kardia watch .

CDreamer in reply to kalgs

I don’t think they measure BP? Do Kardia make a watch?

There are some machines which say they will measure BP when in AF. My husband has just bought an Omron Smartsense machine - which he says is the first machine that feels as though he is in the clinic. That machine has a protocol for taking BP when in AF which takes 3 readings in quick succession and takes then calculates the average of those 3 readings. Probably as good as you are going to get as it does go everywhere when you are in AF.

Good Morning, I have a watchman with AF detection which also takes the average of three successive readings.I think its pretty good.

After some amusing sessions over a period of years (240/150 ? - err no manual reading says 140/70), my cardiologist has put a note in my file saying that manual methods must be used.

Why do you need to check your BP?

I have a blood pressure machine which will tell you if you are in AF and whether you should contact the Doctor if the reading is not good ..it’s called a MICROLIFE WatchBPHome...perhaps that will help you

carneuny in reply to 51-1-64

I have this too. It always records my BP and HR, and if I happen to be in AF at the time it will indicate such.

It is endorsed by NICE for clocking AF.

I just read an article indicating that blood pressure monitoring (of any kind) is not accurate during an event.

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