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Heart failure


Last year I had a two lead pacemaker inserted, due to brachycardia and heart block,

On hosp monitor,showed up 30 / 40 HB

I also suffered AF for many years, seemed to appear not long after a HA in 2004

The AF was controlled by Amioderone, but destroyed my thyroid and affected my eye sight, was eventually taken of it, and this was followed by two ablations, neither worked..in fact they pierced my hear lining, so did not have any more,

It’s was advised to have AV node ablation, in left atrium node, shortly after the pacemaker as I was having long runs of AF...

re ently past few months been getting breathless and dizzy on bending down.

Restricting me quite substantially, and was admitted to hospital last week, as I was having chest pan also, and AF type heart beats,

I had an angiogram, and no blockages were found, when I saw the cardiologist, he says my heart failure has increased ,

Was talking about inserting a new pacemaker,with 3 leads, one that goes to the back of the damaged part of my heart to helpmit function better,

It’s not been decided for sure, as A I have misgivings, and B there’s only 50/50 chance it works..

I’m at a loss, as my first implant had complications, and the thought of having wires removed fills me with horror,

As I’m home now, they did not do an echocardiogram, I have to go back for that

I had no advice on what I can do and should avoid, my meds changed somewhat

Having doubled BP meds, and same with furesimide, and added small aspirin, as well as me taking Warfarin for life,

And a new statin , that gives me awful joint pains,

I’m on my own, my husband is in care with advanced Parkinson’s,

My family except for youngest son, offer no support, my daughter only lives 30 mins away, and when I was rushed into hospital, said she couldn’t come as she was going on holiday!

Sometimes think life not worth living, I get depressed, and suffer from stress , especially over the last year, with all that’s happening with my husband.

Could go on but it’s too long as it is.

I just wish I had someone to talk to.


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Hi Rosey, I’m so sorry for all you are going through, it’s really hard when on your own and family can’t or won’t help. I do hope that writing your post helped and I am sure you will get lots of support here.

I’m not sure I can suggest anything to help physically as it sounds as though you have a lot of complications. I can empathise about the concerns around the Pace & Ablate as I am on the waiting list for one myself, although I haven’t got heart failure. Any procedure is a concern but once things haven’t gone to plan I guess it stays with you and colours your perception for future procedures.

You have such a lot on your plate I wondered what is your main concern right now? And is it enough to post and know someone has ‘heard’ you or are you looking for comments on your treatment plan?

My very best wishes CD.

Hello Rosey, I just want to say hello so that you know you are not alone. I’ve read your post, but not properly digested it. As you probably know, we are not medically qualified therefore we are often restricted in what we can say, but I sense that at the moment, you just want to hear a “friendly voice” albeit on a screen! You mention your son and I can remember my mum always felt that she got more support from her youngest son and he is a lovely man.....trust me!!

I’m just flying a kite here, so bear with me. It sounds as if your son is more sympathetic to your current situation and I wonder if he might be able to muster more support from fellow members to help you get through this. It’s clear you are faced with some medical challenges but you are also getting some good support from your medics but it never feels enough.

You will find lots of support and suggestions from members so hopefully you will not feel alone for long......hope this helps to start the ball rolling.

Hi Rosey, well, I can Assure you that having found this forum ,you will have lots of people to talk to and they will be people who understand at least some of what you are going through.

What a tough time you are going through. Just coping with your husbands Parkinsons must have been so hard both physically and emotionally. My Dad had Parkinsons disease and although for quite a long time after diagnosis ,he continued to have a good quality of life, in the advanced stages he needed full time care both physically and mentally. You must feel drained.

You know the old saying that you you cant choose your family but you can choose your friends? Well I think you have made a good choice in coming to this forum and you will find many friends here. Although we converse mostly on screen, quite a lot of us meet up from time to time so you may find there are people in your area who sometimes meet up for a chat.

Welcome x

Hello Rosey :-) , it sounds as though you are going through a tough time just now and are not sure what to do. You say you are going back for an echocardiogram so maybe wait for the results of that before deciding.

Do you have a GP you like and trust to whom you could talk.

There are always members around on here to chat to so don't ever feel alone....:-)

Hi Rosey, my father had heart failure so I know what a trial it is, fortunately treatment options seem to have improved since then. I should ask for a different statin as you don't need joint pain on top of everything else. I can understand why you are having doubts about the pacemaker change.

There is always someone around here if you need a sympathetic ear, I hope you feel better for sharing 💜

Sorry for your experience. Seems to me you should discontinue the stating asit is causing immediate problems with only theoretical benefit. The actual cause of the heart failure must be determined, but Entresto may be helpful,as well as diuretics. If you are in the states Tikosyn may control the aFib and increase cardiac output. Do you know your ejection frac tion? Best of luck. I have had all these problems and am currently feeling well on my present regimine

Hello Rosey so sorry you are having such a hard time. Really wished I could do something to help but all I can offer is support for you and hope that things will improve quickly. You can always talk to me I check this site daily and will post back to you. Please try to stay positive, I can only imagine how hard all this is for you. God Bless you and watch over you.


Oh Rosey, so sorry to hear all you're going through right now. Please know that you can talk to me anytime by private message and if you want my telephone number you can certainly have it - just say.

I wonder if it's your doubled dose of BP medication that's making you feel dizzy and taking your BP too low? Please try and see your GP for a chat about that and also your statins causing leg pain. Do you know if your cholesterol was very high? Mine was about 6.3 and I've reviewed my diet and refused to take them having seen other people suffer and have the leg pains like you have. Saying that I know someone who has taken them for a long time and has no problems whatsoever.

One thing is for sure you will have a lot of support on this forum, so please don't think you're alone, because as you can see from all the responses we care about you.

Big hug, my friend.


Sorry to hear all of that. What, by the way, is 30 / 40 HB?

Have you tried the Samaritans Rose?

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