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Hello, I'm after some advice please. I have a history of AFib, and this afternoon I was having remedial massage for sciatica problems , when I had gurgling and what felt like heart pops. I have been suffering from IBS for a while and stress, especially since this awful heat started. I'm not good in any summer.

So, my question is, can a badly upset digestive system upset the heart? I know adrenaline which I have in abundance can pulse and feel similar.

The therapist can pick up problems with the organs and she found nothing.

Thank you.

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Yes! The connection is the vagal nerve. The VN is an information superhighway between the brain, heart and digestive system. My AF is definitely vagal nerve in origin, I sought advice from a nutritionist, followed a diet and have only had 1 AF event in 3 & half years, and that was from sleeping on my left side.

Originally my GP thought my digestive issues were either IBS or Coeliac Disease. Not the case. In fact originally my symptoms were intestinal gurgling, diahorrea, burping and massive, massive pain and bloating.


Thank you so much. Can I also ask what blood thinners you take? Thank you for your time

No worries. I'm on Warfarin. Your therapist probably won't find a problem with organs, it's a dysfunctional vagal nerve 😊

Thanks! πŸ™‚

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