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BobD and JeanJeannies Late Breakfast Get-Together in Exeter, Devon


I can now confirm that I've booked The Mecure Rougemont Hotel, Queen Street, Exeter, EX4 3SP, Tel: 0871 376 9018 for our 11am breakfast. Cost is 10 (pounds) and will include a cooked breakfast, yogurts, cereals and tea or coffee. The date will be 26th September, could we please all be there by 10.45am. Will remind everyone nearer the time. Sixteen people are hoping to come. Please let me know if there's anyone else who would like to attend, or if you change your mind. There is a restricted amount of parking at the hotel for 5.00 (pounds mine not working on keyboard, since I cleaned it) on a first come basis. A nearby car park is The Guildhall.

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Thanks Jean must not eat for a day or so before!

Sadly I'm in London, so too far, but sounds great x

I hope to be there as I only live in Taunton. Will be my first, thanks Norm

in reply to Norm

It will be lovely to meet you Norm. Have put your name on the list.


in reply to Norm

Hi Norm

Are you still coming along to the late Breakfast in Exeter on the 26th?


in reply to jeanjeannie50

Hi Jean,

Hope to make it OK.

Picking up my new car this morning.

Looking forward to meeting you all there

in reply to Norm

Looking forward to meeting you. A new car, you lucky person!!!


Please could you add me Jean - but I can’t eat at that time of day so just a coffee? Is that possible?

It’s also very close to Central Station so train is probably easiest for me.

Your coming CDreamer, that's great news! Will put you on the list. There's going to be a good crowd of us. I make it 17 so far, but wonder if a few will drop out nearer the time. I'm sure they wont mind one person, just having coffee.

Looking forward to it. It's a couple of hours on a direct train so it will give me the opportunity to actually read a book! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Look forward to meeting you Pam

Isca Dumnoniorum is a long way from where I live jeanjeannie, good old Exeter aye.

You can still borrow one of my bikes tho' when you're over here. Have a nice party


Best wishes.

Thank you. If you lived closer I can assure you I'd be over to borrow a bike today. Must get mine sorted, but then I've been saying that for years!!

Oh hello! Are you open to gatecrashers? I might have a work commitment that day, but I’d really like to come along if I’m free, and if you’ll have me. Do I sound like a ‘Billy no mates’? Lol

You're more than welcome and no more a gatecrasher than anyone else. Will you be able to let me know nearer the time if you need breakfast? I'll put you on the list as a maybe for now. The more the merrier and hope to meet you.


Will do. Thanks Jean. I don’t really eat in the mornings, but I enjoy a decaf. I should know later this week if I can make it

Hi Jean, work commitment switched so I’m free for the breakfast get-together. Looking forward to meeting you there 😁

Good to hear and look forward to meeting you.


Just checking to see that you are still coming to the early morning breakfast in Exeter on the 26th?


Yes please 😁

Look forward to meeting you.

And me you. I think it’s great that you’re bringing AFers together in person 👍👏😁

I'm confused as to whether you are Amazona1 or Corazona?


Both! Lol! When I wrote up my profile the other day I changed to Corazona.

Hi Jean , I can make this one from sunny Weymouth, and really looking forward to meeting you all , even though I haven’t commented for a while ,( busy with business) could you put my friend down who has an icd as well please.

Thank you very much

Sharon ( and Andy)

Will do, will be lovely to meet you both.


I won't be in the UK but would have loved to come using my OAP railcard. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in in arranging these events.

Thank you Irene, perhaps another time.

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