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Great support


I am so glad I found this support group. I was diagnosed with AF 10 years ago now when I was living in London. I had great support from the health professionals there. However I moved here to Skegness 6 years ago and I feel very alone and unsupported. The health professionals here say "just an irregular heartbeat - so what". I have battled with them for treatment and,hopefully, it is stabilized now. However I take a lot of interest in the posts and feel I have somewhere to go when things go wrong. Just wanted to thank you for being there.

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Welcome, Hindmarsh :)

Sorry you’ve had such a rough time since moving to Skegness - you definitely have a supportive bunch around you here on the forum, and maybe there’s even some folks who are from your region too :)

I too am very thankful for everyone here. I don’t know what I’d do without them! And I’m sure your support, questions and input will be valued by people too. X

Yes there's some great folk on here and it's so reassuring to have fellow sufferers to bounce thing off and of course to try and help! Well said by you... Top man 👍

Hello Hindmarsh and welcome.

This forum has been a lifeline for so many of us - not only can we share our experiences and learn from each other, but we can also pass on advice and information from our physicians.

It’s awful that you’ve had to battle the ‘only palpitations, dear - go home and have a cup of tea’ attitude - which really should have been consigned to history by now. Hopefully, things are getting better for you - any questions you may have - ask away, someone will be able to help.

Yes, it is a very helpful forum. Told my GP about it yesterday and she was really interested and took down details. Nice to have a GP that wants to know more. Try telling your doctors about it, perhaps that will open their minds.

The forum is fantastic and has been my sanity check since diagnosis. Not sure where I'd have been without it as no support groups locally. It really makes such a difference to share other people's experiences, people who really do understand what you're feeling. Thankfully I also have a supportive GP who now uses some of the AF leaflets for other patients. Such an amazing resource.

Same here. Very grateful for every one. This forum is a godsend. Since being diagnosed 3 years ago I am still waiting for a cardiology follow up. But I am doing fine, just increased tiredness and energy slumbs. But I am 69 and grateful for small mercies.

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