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1 year on and feeling great


Hi all,

It's been a while since I last checked in on here, but I thought I would give you an update (positive news for anyone considering an ablation).

12 months ago yesterday I went into hospital for an ablation for persistent AF and flutter. It was only today, whilst I was out running, that I realised that my op was a year ago as I had completely forgot. In fact I haven't even thought about AF since my six month checkup - I feel great and when I now look back at the couple of years I had with AF it seems a bit surreal, almost like it happened to someone else!

I was worried about the procedure and at one point I even thought I would be better off just living with the AF.

If you're considering an ablation and are wondering if it really will make a difference to your quality of life then I hope this update gives you some encouragement.

All the best to you all.


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What positive news so pleased for you. The release from af must be amazing. All the very best and thank you for your feedback.

That's great Joe, having mine soon.


Hi Joe, it's really nice to hear the positive report back re your ablation. May I ask who your consultant was.

Best wishes


joebob in reply to jeanjeannie50

Dr Sandilands, Spire Hospital Leicester.

jeanjeannie50 in reply to joebob

Sounds like a good man.


Good to hear Joe. Long may it continue.


Hi Joe,

That's great news.



Brilliant. I am 7 months on from procedure no 2, going ok apart from a few flutters and AF type symptoms, this when I tried to cut down on Bisoprolol (only 1.25) . So back on it for now. Are you still on any meds?

joebob in reply to checkmypulse

Nope, I came off all my meds - although I can't remember how long after the ablation it was!

checkmypulse in reply to joebob

Good, thanks

Great news, Joe - what a difference it must have made to your life. Best wishes for the future and thank you for keeping in touch.


You are still a newbie matey. As they used to say in the forces Get Some In. Nnie years for me this June!


This is such positive news and should give great confidence to those that are unsure about whether they should have an ablation or not.

Best wishes


Long may it continue. I had 2 AF free years and just 2 episodes since Sept last, very mild in comparison to what the symptoms I used to get.

Great news for you. I have one question, are you off anti coagulant as well, thanks, Gracey

Great positive news, I am two month in. I hope I can post a positive message in 10 months.

So pleased for you. Hope I will be the same this time next year. Was in A & E yesterday with full blown AF and am on the waiting list for ablation. Good to hear you are doing so well.

Great to hear. I'm booked in for ablation at St Thomas's on 27th of this month and starting to feel a bit nervous about it.

Certainly a worthwhile post.

I'm on the wait list for a CTI ablation for flutter which is current, although i was previously cardioverted for Afib. The EP wanted to do an ablation for the Afib at the same time however i was reluctant to do both procedures, and thought eliminate one initially and see how i go

My quality of life is not affected drastically although i cannot do any high intensity exercise (running etc)

Like you i have been debating whether to just live with it. Im not afraid of the operation but how it will affect me afterwards

After reading your post i'm now debating whether to ask the EP to do both procedures at the same time now, and fingers crossed, be done with it

I'm also looking at the next post below where i am typing this and seeing pottypete1 discussing his 5th ablation !!


My ablation was for AF and just after he did that my heart went into flutter, so he fixed that whilst he was still in there. The ablations are in opposite chambers though.

gives me hope i have persistent af and going for Ablation in few weeks, well done

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