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Complex Ocular Migraines After Catheter Cryoballoon Ablation for A Fib and SVT

Hi. I used to suffer from migraines, however I never had experienced an ocular migraine. I went on a beta blocker a year ago when I had my first episode of a fib and SVT. Once on the beta blocker, my migraines completely went away 100%. I was previously getting maybe 2-10 migraines a month prior to starting the beta blocker.

I had catheter cryoballoon ablation 3 weeks ago. The 2 days after the procedure, as well as 2 other times since then, I have had a total of 4 ocular migraines. Again, I went a year without a single migraine and I had never experienced an ocular migraine prior to my ablation procedure.

It is completely obvious that the ablation is the cause of the returning migraines and the new ocular migraines. I know there are many theories about the cause, including damage to the vagus nerve, as well as the transepts puncture.

My questions are these: when will these ocular migraines go away? What can I do to prevent these headaches? Please tel me they will go away! I can’t function!

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I had 3 or 4 ocular migraines in the first 10 days after my ablation 4 weeks ago but none since then,


Yes they will Ben, check out the AF Association fact sheet from the link below which I’m sure you will find helpful.....



Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I noticed it is from the UK. Here in the states, they don’t tell you about the potential for ocular migraines. My cardiologist also acted completely clueless and shocked I was getting them. Amazing that 2 different countries react and report differently to the same symptoms. When I had my first one the day after the procedure, I literally thought I was having a stroke. I thought, ‘This is it, I’m dying.’ It would have been so reassuring to know it was pretty normal and expected.

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Yes they go away, yes they are caused by making a puncture wound in the septal which should eventually heal.

20% of people have a hole in the septum anyway (hole in the heart syndrome) and those people tend to have migraines. Interestingly my migraines disappeared after ablation, my PFO (hole in the heart) wasn’t picked up prior to the ablation.


I had ocular headaches 11 days in a row after my last ablation. Have been free of them for 5 days and hope it has passed.


Thank you all. I’m going to schedule with a neurologist Monday, but it’s typically 3 weeks before they can see me. Hopefully I can keep these migraines at bay or hopefully they will go away


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