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Change of anticoagulant, all done!

Thanks to those who responded to my question about changing from Rivaroxaban to Apixaban. I expected a couple of short answers but the resulting discussion was interesting!

My only difficulty with changing was getting my GP to understand why I wanted to change, once that was cleared she asked if I had consulted an expert ie a pharmacist as otherwise she would have to look it up! Once reassured I had done the homework she checked my kidney and liver function tests were ok and gave me a new prescription.

I start Apixaban this evening, hope I get on with it....

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Hi Buffafly :-) I hope Apixaban suits you.

A year before I started taking it my son was prescribed Apixaban for a DVT and he did lots of research on all the NOACs and said he thought it was the best as did his consultant who prescribed it.

We are all made differently aren't we, it is a matter of trial and error until we find the best medication for each of us.


Well done, buffafly! And good luck with the apixaban - hope it suits you :) x




Hi Buffafly, sorry to miss that discussion. I have been on Rivoraxaban briefly in the past with no problems. On my last cardio appointment in March he said as you are 65 this year I suggest you start on Edoxaban, why the change from Rivoraxaban I asked, just the latest recommendation he said, I didn't push him on the reasons.


Hope it suits - it is twice a day rather than once but I’ve had absolutely no problems with it.


I hope you get on with it too! I would change to a Noac in a flash if I could discipline myself to take my tablets the minute my alarm goes off but if something more interesting is going on I think 'in a minute' and then forget for several hours, sometimes more.


That may be why Rivaroxaban is popular, as you take it with your evening meal you are unlikely to forget it and a couple of hours each way makes little difference according to my pharmacist. I am very bad at getting into routines but I never forgot to take it. It also comes in a dated pack so you don't need to use a pill box - just don't drop one!

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