Afib again suddenly after first ablation

So I have confirmed I am in afib again one year and a half after ablation and no problems prior. Pretty much every day as it was before and lots of flutter in between. had not been on any medication. Wondering what the process was for all who had a second ablation. Did doctor go right into it without hesitation? Was it successful? Anything you have to share?

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  • You need to contact your EP and see what he wants to do. If you have a phone number for his secretary or the arrhythmia nurse where you had it done this is usually good starting point. I was never discharged so easy for me. I had three before my AF was terminated none years ago with about a year between each.

  • What do you mean you were never discharged?

  • Presumably Bob means precisely that and technically remained under the care of the EP. I've had two ablations in the last 2 years and have not been discharged. Whilst I now have other health issues I had quite a few longish episodes of AF after both but nothing now for 7 months. I see my EP in May but I doubt if he will discharge me because they then can't monitor the long term success or otherwise of the procedures.

  • So stayed in the hospital the entire time? Wow. Other issues than afib? Thanks all!

  • Skitts, I am sure the other posters mean that they remained under the care of their EP or consultant, ie still having appointments to see him or her every so often to check their progress, not staying in hospital full-time.

  • I thought that was a given. Sorry.

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