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How lucky am I


Went for my first visit to EP today (7 years after successful ablation) and as I was waiting went into AF. The ECG confirmed this and after a short discussion he put me on the list for ablation. Don't know waiting times but meanwhile having appointments for Echocardiogram and HR monitor. within the 20 minute consultation I returned to SR again confirmed with ECG. I currently take 2.5 Bisoprolol and Warfarin, because of the increased frequency of the attacks would anyone suggest additional medication e.g. Flecanaide. Didn't get to ask the EP and he didn't suggest anything. Most attacks seem to be fairly short lived (up to an hour) before I return to normal rhythm.

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We cannot afvise on medication.

Give your EP’s secretary a call.


Sorry I can’t spell advise it won’t let me edit.


Pete’s right, but you could ask if a Pill in the Pocket (PiP) would be worth considering or perhaps a low maintenance dose of some such similar medication. Both of which can only be prescribed after consultant approval. They are generally keen to maintain sinus rhythm prior to an ablation if at all possible......good luck


My EP prefers I wait 30-60 minutes in a fib before I take my meds as I may self convert. It is a stressful wait, I make it to 30 minutes, take meds than usually back in sinus rhythm within 3 hours. Makes one wonder if same would happen without meds but I get too stressed out to wait it out.

My A-Fib was often short and resolved quickly until one day it didn’t. Doctors are pretty good with trying to help you so make sure you check with doctor on right medication and your concerns because this can be very serious. Feel better soon!! 😊

Your experience suggests, like me, you have vagally mediated PAF, I went into AF waiting to see my Naturopath. I have dealt with this by adopting a less stressful lifestyle & incorporating the usually quoted helpers of Mindfulness, Yoga/Qigong exercises, prayer, new hobbies, work commitment but not at unsustainable levels, improved personal relationships & a lot more. Good luck.

If you are comfortable taking Bisoprolol, and since your attacks are so short, I would suggest you stick with this protocol. Save the stronger drugs for the future when this approach may cease to be adequate. Stronger drugs carry potentially more serious side effects.

Hello Gordon, exactly the same thing happened to me recently, what is your heart rate during AFib generally ? ...I was taken off Flecainide as it was causing pathways arrhythmia and bradycardia, I am now on Dronederone 400mg b.d. Only 4 th day so too early to assess its effectiveness.

GordonS in reply to Tudee

HR in AFib varies between 120-160. apart from my first episode before I was put on Bisoprolol most attacks seem short lived at the moment but appear to be getting more frequent. I guess the cardiologist would have suggested other drugs if he thought it appropriate. I have no idea how long the waiting list is for the ablation. I previously took Flecainide as PIP when I had my first onset of AFib 7 years ago. PVI Ablation cured me that time.

Thanks for your responses, always good to get the opinions and experiences from fellow sufferers as well as the professionals. Cheers all.

Good Luck to you! I hope you get the ablation sooner rather than later! And I will pray for you that you are cured for life!!! <3

GordonS in reply to PattiJay

Thank you Patti, God bless you x

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