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My EP Visit

Hi All,

Just got back from my 3.5 month Post Ablation visit with my EP. It was a very good visit and I found out some really interesting info.

In Nov 2012, they had to put off my ablation for about 3 months because they were installing a completely new EP lab and it was finished 3 weeks prior to the procedure. What I didn't know until today is that they had installed the new 3D mapping equipment. Mine was the first ablation which had been done at that hospital using the new equipment.

I also found out that my EP has worked with both Dr Natale and Dr Narayan. I was really impressed.

Ok... My plan. I was currently taking 975mg of propafenone a day and 50mg of metoprolol. For the next 8 weeks he wants me to take 650mg propafenone and 25 mg metoprolol. Then if there are no attacks, 8 weeks of 325mg propafenone and stop metoprolol. If I still have no attacks then stop the propafenone. He also says that I will be able to stop the warfarin in Feb (1 year post ablation) if I have had no attacks.

I asked why he wanted me to continue the propafenone since I had no attacks for the last 12 weeks. He said that He doesn't want any chance of the heart to develop another pathway until it's completely healed (6 to 9 months).

Feeling really good about the visit. Blood pressure down and I've lost about 33 lbs since the ablation. It just gets better from here.


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Hi Tim

That sounds really encouraging, and I am very pleased for you, anything which reduces the drug dependency is welcome, and congratulations on the weight loss, that's considerable

Well done



Pleased to hear all is well Tim and that you had the 3D mapping for your ablation. It's interesting hearing how you are to be "weaned" off the drugs. Well done on the weight loss too, what a difference a few months make! Wendy.


Well done on all counts Tim.

I was on 900mg propafanone too and my EP told me to come off it after six months but I actually did it at about 75 mg a day for a week and then another etc till I was only taking 1/2 tablet in the mornings, EP nagged me to finish but that last 1/2 tablet was like my security blanket for a good long time. Your man sounds like he is on my wavelength (Or vice versa) It took me about 9 months all told before I stopped altogether but I stayed on warfarin of my own volition as I felt it right to do so. There is a fact that once given, a Chads2 score can't be taken away so even though I am on lorsartin and my BP is good I count that as 1. At 68 I think since it does me no harm and I have no problems staying in INR range then why mess about and take a risk. There is also a view amongst some specialists that ablation does not reduce stroke risk. The mere fact that you had it will have caused some scarring in the atria which could disrupt blood flow (like sediment in a water pipe) and permit the formation of clots. It is a personal thing I guess but for me, no contest.



Great news Tim, you may remember I had my ablation on the same day as you and my EP also worked with Dr Narayan for a few years at the Bordeaux Clinic in France. I had mine done in Perth Western Australia, not sure of the mapping system he used, it all looked pretty high tech to me at the time and my results are the same as yours, it has been really good to be alive again without the constant threat of another attack. My next appointment has been put back a few weeks so not sure when I come off the Pradaxa. I have an implanted monitor so my EP can see whats happening at any stage, so far so good. All the best mate


Hi John - just wondering who is your EP in Perth and where did you have your procedure? I've been seeing Dr Vincent Paul, he's with Heart Care WA and was originally from the UK.

Good to hear things are going well.

All the best, gaye


Hi Tim

That sounds really promising. I'm pleased for you and it's interesting about still taking the drugs for a while so that your heart can't develop another pathway. I've always been really against taking any tablets unless it was absolutely necessary. With my ablation looming in a few weeks time I will think differently now if asked to continue with my tablets for a while. Just hope they don't want me to continue with Amiodarone - think I would have to say something about that and beg for something different.

So great that you had all the new equipment for your ablation. I've been told that my hospital has a new bit of equipment too and that using it should make the procedure more permanent.




I so glad that you have such positive results, Tim. Keep on keeping on, all best wishes Jan


This is great news for you Tim, I hope all continues to go well for you. Congratulations on the weight loss too, as I have managed to shift 21 lbs since Christmas I know how hard it is to get off.

Best wishes



Hi Gabrielle,

in answer to your question, I had my ablation done by Dr Weerasoyriya at the Hollywood Hospital in Perth.


Congratulations ! It's nice to hear a success story for a change :) Maybe there is a little tiny glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel after all ? X


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