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Just had my latest check up almost 1 year after my ablation last year in Bangkok. EP was satisfied, ECG and blood results were ok. Was changed from Labetalol to metoprolol 100mg once a day in the morning (mainly because Labetalol was out of stock-very lucky). Feel much more energized and HR is down to average 68. Still have a few extra beats but nothing into or close to AF.

If I am 1 year AF free, the EP will take me off Pradaxa.

Today was riding my HD and it was awesome, got 32C here, fantastic weather.

Now weight reduction as the next big goal.

Wishing all Happy Easter and may the Bunny keep AF away :-)


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Hi Thomas. 100mg of Metoprolol is quite a lot to take in one dose. That amount would take my heart rate down too low and make me pass out, it has done that in the past.

Just be aware, if you feel drained and dizzy.

Best wishes



I do like success stories.

Good to see positive feedback! As I got more episodes I'm losing hope of curing afib and feeling desperate. Now I'm trying to change my mind to not seek for a cure but long term remission like 10 years something. I guess if I can get good control to have one episode each 10 years, it wouldn't be too bad to only have 4 or 5 or 6 more episodes in my lifetime.

Great news. Thanks for sharing.

What was your experience of the hospital in Bangkok (facilities, skills of EP, etc.)? My son had rhabdo after a too active bout of kick boxing whilst he was in Thailand on an island. We imagined a 3rd world hospital at best. In fact he had a choice of state of the art hospitals with superb care far better than the NHS and probably better than private care. All for a ridiculously low cost.

ThomasM34 in reply to MarkS

Indeed, Bumrungraad is top noch. EP who did the ablation is Thai but has his clinic in Los Angeles. He comes every 2 month to carry out a few procedures for his patients in Bangkok because they have the latest technology and mapping system. Cardioinsight. During the ablation they had a full ops team on stand bye for an open heart surgery if complications would have happened. Hospital handled everything with my insurance. No waiting time, enough time for consultation, friendly and professional. All in all incl 3 nights in single room, 30K.

The hospitals here and the entire health care system, its all so different from Europe and US. Reckon its also because of the culture. You are a patient, a human and not a number. Everyone who has a private insurance, Bangkok or Singapore are the destinations.



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