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Cardiologist ref av node ablation

When my af first started I saw a cardiologist who discharged me and put the episode down to stress and/or alchohol. Several weeks later had another episode of af and saw my gp. Gp stated had no feedback from cardiologist so asked me to give them a bell for the notes. Three weeks later the cardiologist rang me on a sunday morning stated he had seen af on the first ecg and was now referring me to an ep. The appointment eventually got cancelled and they sent me to see a different cardiologist. Anyway looking at the notes with my gp and the initial ep referal made by cardiologist number 1 was for an av node ablation? Does this not sound like an over reaction since he firstly discharged me? Surely they would have considered other less dramatic ablation procedures?

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Just proves what most of us already know. Cardiologists are NOT the best people to treat you. EPs are really the guys who understand our problems.


Deep down I think they may have moved cardiologist1 on...... doesnt give me confidence though surely they wouldnt have just gone in and blitzed my av node??


You would have had proper consultation with the E P to discuss the way forward.


Looks like you had a false start. Get cardiologist no 2 to review your history carefully (prepare some notes for him) and if you are referred to an EP, as trying to stabilise with drugs first is not apropriate, ask why....in fact ask why all the time as it is very easy to be steamrolled into things. Good Luck.

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I had some very conflicting advice from a number of cardiologists when my AF first started, mainly to do with flecainide. It did not help my state of mind!

My opinion is to ask your GP for a referral directly to an EP who will give you up-to-date advice and will come to the most appropriate solutions for your condition.

I eventually had an ablation which has given me a respite from AF since January - best decision I ever made!


Thanks, I think in this situation you really do need to know a bit about the condition to engage in the decision making process properly. Knowledge is power they say!!


I agree that sounds like an over reaction based on what you said the term that is usually used when talking av node ablation is "last resort" I have Chronic afib and spent all of 2013 trying different drugs that my ep would suggest for me to try none of them worked because of my condition I decided on the last resort an avnode ablation. It was the right decision for me and today 18 months later i feel good and am able to walk most everyday whereas before the av node procedure I spent most of my time in bed.


I agree with others. There are many routes to try before such a drastic procedure. I got referral from GP directly to EP. I was put on bisoprolol but offered the choice of meds or ablation. I opted for ablation and AF free for almost two years now.

Unless I was clear that there was no other choice I would not be willing to have av node ablation. Get ep referral and get options clear would be my advice.

Best of luck


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