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Update on Embarrassing Question- Fissure


Ok since I embarrassed myself once, I can do it again. What I thought was hemorrhoid pain turned out to be a rectal fissure. Ugh! I have a few questions if anyone has any insight.

They want to use a nitroglycerin ointment. Has anyone used this. I noticed it can cause palpatations. My cardiologist says ok but I wonder if I should call EP?

Have any of you ever had this before and if so how did you treat? My first one (prior to afib diagnosis,) we did Calcium channel blocker ointment which gave me a pounding heart. It did help though.

I am on warfarin and beta blocker and ACE inhibitor so get scared to add other stuff to the mix.

This is a wonderful forum and I thank all of you for posting so many informative things. Thanks!


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not sure on this but Goldie11 might know?

I had this many many years ago.It was memorable horrible.I can only remember I had to use pessaries for some weeks and it did go never to re occur again.I was living in the Middle East at the time but saw a very competent doc.Times have moved on. Mine was particularly nasty but it did heal so take comfort(sorry from that.

Had this problem few years ago, firstly they gave me nitro gel which helped relieve symptoms but didn't cure, it i am on many tablets since heart attack no probs with gel. Secondly i ended up having botox injection in my anus under general anasthetic, this cleared it up and had no probs since.

Wishing you all the best.

My wife suffered something similar a lot of years ago. Sadly, creams and ointments failed and she ended up having minor surgery and a stitch. The healing never went as planned, and she has had problems ever since, but that's another story about something called Lichen Planus and which should NOT apply to you. I hope the nitroglycerin ointment works first time for you!


Hi, I know I am late but watch this video for fissure. It’s the best ever home remedy.


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