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Embarrassing question


I am pretty new here. I am on warfarin for Afib. I am embarrassed to ask but I have very painful hemmorhoids with some light bleeding. I had a colonoscopy and the doctor said they can be banded. Does anyone know anything natural that can help? In my pre-Warfarin days, I took Rutin which worked wonderful but can only find one or 2 articles online about it. One says it decreases INR the other says it increases it. My doctor and INR nurse have no idea.

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I have the same problem. I managed to avoid this operation by controlling my diet and taking a mild laxative each day. I too am on Warfarin and going through with banding or similar did not appeal to me.

Of course no doubt your condition is different but it may be an option.

Never heard of Rutin (apart from what deer do). 🤭


Banding is no fun but works well and is very quick. Go for it!

I started taking magnesium citrate for AF and found my constipation disappeared which in turn helped with piles, however, I am on Riveroxiban and not Warfarin so I don't know if it will help.

I wear a pacemaker, for persistent AF, on which I am totally dependent and take a blood thinner. I was on Warfarin but have recently been changed to Apixaban, which is absorbed differently and remains unchallenged by outside forces that might otherwise affect the anticoagulation. It means that I no longer have to worry about my INR because the Apixaban is absorbed differently and is unaffected by outside influences, However, this change, coupled with several antibiotics since the beginning of the year and morphine based Sevredol, has affected my "regularity" and can be murder on existing hemarrhoids, often leaving me sore and bleeding. I have upped my fruit and fluid intake and have a sachet of Movocol before going to bed at night but will try the magnesium citrate as well, perhaps dispensing with the Movocol. I don't fancy banding, preferring to deal with the problem with diet. Watch this space!

gwenny31 in reply to jossikins

Magnesium citrate works but I take 5 Medjool dates after every evening meal. They work wonderfully too. They are loaded with minerals but very sweet. I have no other sugar loaded foods in my diet. They are far better than taking medicines. Good and natural. Larger boxes can be bought in Sa...b...ys supermarket.

jossikins in reply to gwenny31

Thank you Gwenny! I will check that out as I use that same supermarket. Many thanks.

Polski in reply to jossikins

Linseeds as in 'Linusit' are very good, and you can vary the amount you take easily, perhaps start with half a teaspoonful. Try putting them on cereal, for example. They are obtainable from a health food shop in the UK.

Might also be worth googling "squatty potty" there are cheaper versions. It means by changing your position on loo it is easier to "go". Putting feet on a pile of books also works!!

Like you I also suffer from haemorrhoids and on blood thinners, I use Presto Gel its a natural gel I bleed once for eight days I was nervous of what to use and I was in Cyprus at the time and they recommended this and I am,very,happy with it it seems to do the trick ,good luck brenda

I was recommended to take a teaspoon-tablespoon of linseed seeds which had been soaking in water for a few hours. It is absolutely disgusting as it goes quite gloutinous but much more effective and kinder to the gut than laxatives.

Kefir is the longer term solution - improve gut motility with prebiotics, Kefir and fibre in your diet.

Not nice to have but I haven’t had piles quite a few years now and used to be plagued with them.

Dear Hopein Him, how very painful for you. I very fortunately have the opposite problem. Everything is going straight through me and vital vitamins and minerals are not being absorbed in my upper intestine. I have therefore ended up with anaemia, I've been given folic acid but am worried that goes straight through. I think there is a lack of communication between the various specialities in the medical profession and it is left up to the patient to diagnose. Then they are annoyed that we 'google' I think your solution is to keep 'regular' and soft. My husband takes Laxilose powders, morning and night and eats those delicious Californian prunes. I do hope the doctors manage to sort the haemorroids out for you.

All I can say is I had a couple of minor ops while on Warfarin and as long as the surgeons are aware there was no problem at all. I didn't bleed to death. Keep trusting in the Lord it's okay to tell Him about your haemorroids. I will pray for you too, from England Annlynne xx

Polski in reply to annlynne

Taking probiotics (ie the bacteria found in yoghurt/kefir etc) should help with absorption. There are lots of different kinds, so consult a health food shop. (And they need not contain dairy, if that is a problem - It is the bacteria you are taking in a small tablet, not the milk)

I found it's really important to keep yourself clean down there. A bidet helps but a basin or flannel works ok. Also a diet with plenty of vegetables/salad. Anusol cream if they're a little bit of a nuisance, anusol HC cream if they're more of a nuisance and fibrogel sachets if I'm going somewhere where it'll be difficult to get a good diet. My piles are now easy to manage and haven't been a real nuisance since my pre-warfarin days over 10 years ago.

I am on apixaban and take Fibe gel twice a day it’s a drink it helps a lot

Thanks for all your posts I appreciate them so much!! Great suggestions.

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