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Update 6 weeks post ablation

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Thought I'd do a quick update, mainly because many people will post if they are having issues but most don't if they are not.

In the first week I had a migraine aura twice but heart was fine. Started walking in to town after 3 days and back working from home 5 days later. Only issue I had was the wound had a slight infection, probably because I needed a stitch, a week of antibiotics from the go sorted it.

After 4 weeks I started riding my bike on turbo trainer, just easy 39 minutes efforts stepping up to full on 90 minute ones this week. Absolutely no AF or other heart issues other than max HR appears to be down by 15bpm which I've read is common.

Of course my heart is still healing so not out of woods yet, and please don't take this a some sort of one upmanship, just wanted to provide balance for those who may search in the future.

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Sounds good. Similar experience for me - also 6 weeks post ablation now. Have done some moderate bike rides but don’t feel ready to push it yet.

Thanks for the update- most heartening for thiose of us who are waiting for a date :-)

Thanks for keeping us updated with positive news.

I am waiting for my Ablation to be done .I find your post very comforting.

Please keep on updating us..best wishes.xx

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Thanks Flatlander. Nice to have some positive news and I applaud your discretion in taking things gently.

Wonderful, enjoy your new freedom.

'Full on' and 'pushing it' is what gives cyclists AF in the first place.

As was said somewhat forcefully not long ago by FlapJack if your ablation banishes AF, surely you have to refrain from doing what will invite it in again?

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I feel I have not been polite here, failing to congratulate Flatlander and say that things are sounding very positive.

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FlapJack in reply to

Here here!....👍

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FlapJack in reply to

Guilty as charged!

I think the problem is that some people believe they are cured once they have had an ablation. What we often hear from experts who know about such things, there is NO cure for AF. Logically therefore, unless people are careful to avoid all the issues that caused AF in the first place, there is every chance it will recur.

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I use the sunburn analogy again - we all know sunshine damages our skin, but we still sunbathe. Same principle with us cyclist / runner AF sufferers regarding our sports.

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FlapJack in reply to Mejulie69

An interesting analogy which only goes to demonstrate what has been said countless times about how some people have little or no respect for their own health and how ridiculous their attempts are to justify their actions. Excessive sunbathing may cause sunburn but this is easily treated. In extreme cases it can cause skin cancer and without exception, every patient or acquaintance I knew that had a skin cancer removed, went to great lengths to protect themselves from it ever happening again. Without exception, every patient I used to take to the Royal Marsden for chemotherapy would do everything within their power to make the treatment work for them.

For most, AF is not a minor inconvenience, it's treatment can be complex, so isn't a shame that THIS is not the principle that a few extreme athletes adopt until they know it is safe for them to return to their passion. It's bad enough that they are prepared to put their own recovery at risk, but it is inexcusable that many are prepared to encourage others to do the same.

I suspect, for some people I am wasting my time , but it wont stop me trying to get the message across because if it only helps one person, it will be worth it.

Good to hear your positive result, so far. As regards 'Full on' and 'Pushing it', everything is relative I suppose. I would take the view that little and often would be the best approach, with never a suggestion of 'Pushing it' for maybe the first six months.

Let's be honest, if most ablations didn't work doctors wouldn't perform them. It's a procedure with a superb success rate and most people have one and disappear. A few need follow ons but all in all we should all be grateful the procedure is available. I know it changed my life massively for the better.

I had a flutter ablation 7 weeks ago today. All has been well.

I am training 3 to 4 times a week. A mixture of weights, HIIT and treadmill

The only issue i have is my HR appears to fluctuate according to my monitor, when on the treadmill. When putting in a steady easy effort my HR appears to drop into the 70's and then will return to the 140's

When i see the consultant in May i am going to request a treadmill test at the hospital to see what their monitors say

Other than that, no complaints

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Flatlander in reply to jondeanp

My just doesn't go as high as it did, but it also doesn't suddenly drop the spike into AF so all I'm happy. My, heart is repairing and I'm still on Flecainide, Ramipril, and Apixaban for another 6 weeks and I'm sure the first 2 have knocked it down a bit.

Glad to hear everything is going so well, I have heard today of my pre op clinic assessment so hope to post on here after my ablation with equally good news,

All the best

its been awhile since i have posted anything but still drop in to see how things are going i Had my ablation 21 months ago and so far all is well i had a few humps in the first 6 months but all settled .I never did anything that would compromise my ablation for the first 6 months after that i was fine to get back to my life again .It's best not to push yourself .I'm pleased that you are doing ok

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