Almost 8 Weeks Post Ablation

Monday will be 8 weeks since my ablation and I am feeling really great. The tiredness that hung on for about 5 weeks is gone now and if not for the few small scars I would not know that it even happened.

I had a few really mild AF attacks in the first few weeks after it was done. Those attacks were so mild that I could barely tell they were happening. My heart rate was only about 110 - 120 BPM instead of the normal 175 - 185 BPM, no pounding heart and my blood pressure stayed almost normal and when it was over (only about 1 hour long) I was not completely wasted like normal.

Now for the last 5 weeks I have not had an attack or if I did, I couldn't tell. My propafenone had stopped working so when I ran out 3 weeks ago I didn't call for a refill. I haven't taken it for 18 days now. I am still taking my warfarin but no heart meds. I feel like I have so much more energy now. I guess I had been taking the rhythm control drugs for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like before. Don't get me wrong though... I am thankful for the relief that they did provide from the AF but I am happy that I'm not taking them now.

I still have about 7 weeks before I go back to the EP and then we'll talk about what's next.

I have said it before but I will scream it again... The Ablation is the best choice I have made in dealing with AF. When the Dr first suggested it, I was scared to death and wanted to do anything to keep from it. And now after having it I laugh at being so afraid of it to begin with. I would have absolutely no reservations about doing it again if needed.

After 13 years of waiting for it to happen again, I think it is going to be hard to get used to not worrying or thinking about it. I scared myself a few days ago because I had my cell phone in my shirt pocket on vibrate and all of a sudden I felt a vibration on my chest. It took a second to figure out that it was a call and not my heart.

God Bless you all,


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  • That's so great Tim. Congrats!!! Monday will be 4 weeks for me. I also have had great success. Keeping my fingers crossed. I see my EP Friday for a follow up. I pray you have continued healing and stay NSR!!!! God Bless!!!!!


  • Well done both of you. One small thing Tim, one of our AFA members here in UK has a theory about cell phones as he started his AF journey whilst driving buses and he always had his cell phone in his shirt pocket. There is a vague possibility that radiation from the phone might interfere with the heart's natural pacemaker and contribute to the problem. Since he posted that a couple of years ago I NEVER put my phone in a shirt pocket. There is no scientific study or evidence but anything that might even 1% be a problem is a good idea to avoid I think.



  • What a brilliant start to the day ! I'm so pleased for you both; it must be a little odd not to be aware of your heart..... can't wait for it to be me . No sign of that as yet but hey .... reading about you two has lifted my spirits and given me ( & others ) renewed hope. Enjoy the freedom and live life to the full.

    Smashing news!


  • Glad all has gone well for you Tim and hope you go from strength to strength. I have finally given in to my drs to take warfarin and have to wait for an appointment for the anticoag clinic, hope my courage doesn't dissapear before I get there. Don't know why I have such a phobia about it you all seem to be fine taking it. Best of luck.


  • Great to hear your good news Tim, as you know I had my ablation exactly the same day as you, 25th Feb and I can say pretty much the same as you except I still get odd attacks of ectopics evey now and then, but they don't cause any problems now.

    Also my heart rate is slowly getting back to normal, now about 65 BPM. I agree about the energy thing, it's fantastic to feel awake and looking forward to the day.


  • That is just terrific, Tim! Awesome news. I've never been on rhythm control meds after the very first couple weeks a decade ago and I am sure you are THRILLED to be off of them and feeling great. It's just all good!!!!

  • Just joined this website today and really pleased with what I am hearing. After 13yrs AF (paroxysmal then permanent) am now on waitling list for this (6-8 months) Was AF free 17 months following 2nd cardioversion but returned 48hrs prior to long awaited surgery - which has now been deferred - long story. But, you do give me hope.... thank you!!!

  • yoyo, which procedure are you waiting on?

  • I am being referred for catheter ablation but apparently waiting list in my area is 6-8months

  • yoyo, I am a great proponent for ablation. It is not a 100% full proof procedure by any means but I have heard so many success stories that I chose it. I do hear quite often about some having to go back in a few years( usually a 5 to 7 years timeframe) down the road for a "Touch Up" and after going through it would have no hesitation in doing that. For me, the chance of getting a 5 to 7 year (or more) break from AF was worth it. Even if it did not completely get rid on the AF, the mild attacks that I had right after the procedure was worth doing it.

    Sorry to hear about your waiting period. Where are you located? I had to wait about 3 months but that was only because the hospital was getting a brand new EP lab and had to wait for it to be finished.

    Are you currently taking any meds for your AF?

    Welcome to the forum. Ask any questions you'd like. I'm sure that someone here will have an answer.


  • Just finished a 4 hour stretch mowing, weed eating, spraying weeds and trimming hedges. More than I have done in a while. I felt a couple of flutters when I sat down to take a break so I hooked up my BP monitor to make sure and heart rate was regular @ 79 BPM and BP of 114/72. It looks like I'm gonna keep this heart cause it's working ok now.


  • I too am a big supporter of the ablation. It has been almost 5 years since mine and I am still symptom free. The first one didn't work but the second one did and I still feel greatful to the doctors every day!

  • Hi Samantha,

    I love hearing stories like yours. I am also thankful for a Dr that sort of prodded me to get the ablation.


  • All your stories inspire me and I hope my ablation is a success too. I had mine done 4 days ago and am feeling awful. I can't sleep because it hurts to lay down . I read all the leaflets they gave me which say I can drive in a few days lol , I doubt that I can walk to the car in the drive as I am suffering with terrible breathlessness but reading comments on here is making me realise that this can be quite normal so thank you all.


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