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Breathlessness post ablation

I am 3 months post ablation for AF and have been trying to get fit again by walking up gentle hills and doing 10,000 steps on some days. I am very out of breath when doing anything other than very gentle walking and have had a couple of episodes of a racing heartbeat for approx 2 hours.

Is this normal; I am getting very frustrated with the breathlessness as it is worse now than it was before the ablation. I am still taking 100mg of Flecainide twice a day and 1.25mg of Bisoprolol until I see the cardiologist in May, 5 months post op.

Any advice would be very welcome.


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It's a slow job you will be looking at 6 months at least but it's more than likely the bisoprol that's making you breathless I came off ppi,s as soon as I could after my ablation


3 months is early days, it took me at least that long to even start to feel like i did pre ablation.

Also , bisoprolol saps me and makes me breathless, just have to try and keep going !


Go to EP and get off Bisoprolol as it disagrees with lots of people. I had it changed to Atenolol and am now feeling great, i walk a lot and am almost feeling normal. Good luck


Thanks for the advice, I will see what he says.



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