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18 days post RF ablation for AFIB


Following on from my SVT runs (recorded on Kardia) on Friday I continued to get mild chest discomfort and headaches and just feeling a bit dizzy, so went to GP today.

She thought my chest pain sounded more like digestive related and prescribed ranitidine. I asked her if I should just take flecainide if I get another SVT run rather than AFIB. She didn’t think that would be the right medicine to take and said if I got another run to go to a&e so they can monitor and advise. That happened at 4pm so off I went but it stopped itself by the time I got my ecg. The a&e doc said just to take the flec regardless if it was SVT or AFIB. They checked my bloods and said everything was fine.

Hopefully the ranitidine (zantac) will help the chest disconfort and that time will stop these frequent SVT runs that I didn’t have pre ablation.

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Aww still very early yet hun , my runs got less over time then just had a few more this week than normal . Hopefully it will pass with time . Mine was bad till 4 months 😬 then it calms down but just little bursts now and then x

I had episodes of AFIB and ectopics for 2.5 months after ablation. They started decreasing and went away.

You are very early after procedure. I was the same way at this time as you.

Give it time. Good Luck!

Elsieclarke in reply to perkman

Thanks for replying and letting me know this. I’ve had another this morning - very dizzy. I had them about once a month pre ablation. How often did u get them in the 1st month ?

perkman in reply to Elsieclarke

I had 3 episodes in 2nd week post ablation then was put on flecanaide 150mg twice a day which helped. I noticed a decrease by week 4.

It is not easy to advise you on the basis of my experience. Everyone has a different experience in the details of their condition. I have had three ablations and have taken Flecainide twice a day for over 25 years. My last ablation took place several years ago. Last June I was signed off by my consultant at Harefield Hospital after a year with virtually no AF or Ectopic symptoms. I still take 100mg Flecainide twice a day and will continue for ever. My advice is to talk to your consultant, who will be better qualified to advise you rather than your GP.

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