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What to expect after SVT ablation

Good Morning!

I am new here but I underwent a cardiac ablation for an SVT on this past Friday the 27th. To give you some background, I was born with Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries. In other words my lower heart chamber is completely reversed. I also have situs inversus, a heart murmur, triscuspid valve regurgitation and AF.

After the SVT ablation, I felt like something was sitting on my chest and I was in pain. They ran a battery of tests but everything was okay. They said it was muscle pain. After the procedure I have been short of breath and very sore. I still feel some pvcs, and some soreness. How long does it take to fully recover?

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It is very early days after your ablation and considering all the other work done on you heart and other conditions I should think you should follow our unofficial two week rule:

Week one - do nothing more energetic than lift TV remote

Week two - do a bit more but listen to your body

Next four to six months - expect days when you don't feel 'right' but hope to feel steadily better overall while internal healing takes place.

We are all different and some people do recover very quickly but if you feel as if you are going 'backwards' you should consult a medical professional.

Hope that helps!

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I hope you are improving, if not do you have access to an arrhythmia nurse?


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