Does this sound familar

My daughter goes for an esrly morning run 2 or 3 mornings a

week and usually takes the dog a 5 year old 'rescue' lurcher..

She noticed of late that the dog was having problem keeping up

and my daughter has had to slow down to her pace snd eventually

has stopped. The dog runs free and has loved it up to now (all this is

done off road). She took her to the vets and arranged ecg and the

result is the dogs heart is beating too fast and out of rythmn.She

Is awaiting blood tests and further investigation. Anyone else had this

problem with a pet.

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  • I was under the impression that a dog's heart can be normal and still beat out of rhythm as they move. I don't know how I know this so maybe I dreamt it! X

  • My last Border Collie had a heart arrhythmia for the last 7 or 8 years of his life - very mild, the vet said, and advised that we could administer beta blockers if the condition worsened - it didn't. It was diagnosed when he was about 4 or 5 when he suddenly lay down in mid stride, lay looking at us accusingly for a few seconds and then got up and ran on. That was the only symptom and it didn't slow him down as your daughter's dog has done. He never had beta blockers and was chasing footballs until his last day.

    I hope your daughter's lurcher has a good outcome - it sounds like the vet is on the ball.

    All the best.

  • Thanks so much Ill let you kmow.shirley

  • Hi Bigleg, My daughter works at a kennels and has done all her working life, shes midforties now, but nevertheless we can always learn something and I certainly take your point and its well made.

    We have always had dogs and I must admit to giving them all treats

    and knowing really I shouldnt. Thanks for your interest I will have

    a look at the sites. By the way my daughter is a dog groomer or

    should I say beatician. Shirley.

  • Most whippets and greyhounds I have been associated with (I am from Yorkshire ) have had a type of arrhythmia been told it part of make up of sight hounds perhaps early breeding for incredible speed from a dead start

    Well that's what I have been told and lurches usually a sight hound cross

  • My advice as a person who rescues dogs over a number of years, and has 6 herself is not to run dogs on or off the lead. A dog will follow and try to keep up with you whatever.

    Sounds as if your daughter is very caring and he/she is getting all the help. Having worked for Animal Rescue; it is easy for dogs to collapse after a run. There hearts are minute against ours.

    Hope this does not sound patronising.

  • Hi, Not put out at all by any advice thats how we learn, will pass on all this information to my daughter who I know will be grateful. To be honest when you rescue a dog you just have to take them as you find them, as you know

    and Bronte had a shaky start. She was very ill within the first few months

    and had to go down to Liverpool for an op and was found to have menengitis.

    Since then shes come into her own and been fit as a fiddle, it was about 3

    years ago, luckily my daughter got her insured from the off which turned

    out to be a good move if expensive. Thanks once again for the advice, if

    you can manage a get together of afers that would be great, I would help

    if I can. Shirley.

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