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Problems Post ablation


I had a 4 hour ablation at Royal Brompton on the 23rd Oct. Discharged on the 24th. Emergency by ambulance to local hospital with shaking and trembling, tummy ache (had put on a stone in 3 days due to liquid) and liquid in lungs, and very high BP. Discharged after night on trolley. Back to RB two days later and discharged after 4 days. Weeping from wounds in groin which became infected. OK now but lumps still there. AFib back again continuously now. Still coughing although not as much and sleeping raised. Still recovering from the ablation and not nearly as good as I was before and very achy and tired. Been taken off my Adizem (bp lowering drug). BP sometimes a bit high. I am told will not know if the ablation has worked for two months. Certainly has not except for about 3 days. Am worried I have been through all this for nothing. If it has not worked where do I go from here? RB very caring and good. GrannyE

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Too early to start worrying about the future GrannyE. Try to relax and get better. In a few month things will have settled down again . Even if it hasn't work (don't go there) having had one you know what to expect and a second will likely sort it all out for you.

GrannyE in reply to BobD

Thank you. Trying to keep optimistic but if it has not worked don’t fancy going through all that again!

Buffafly in reply to GrannyE

My experience with Royal Brompton was that while very caring they were overstretched, sent me home with a pericardial effusion which they were aware of but had someone waiting outside for the bed! Luckily nothing came of it, sorry you had such a bad experience. The good news is I was taken straight off meds and my ablation was very successful after a couple of bumps 😀

GrannyE in reply to Buffafly

Am so pleased that your ablation was every successful. Great news. Still hoping that mine will turn out to be too!

I think I might have had pericardial effusion as well because the night after I had the ablation my bp went down to 80/40 and had to have at least 2 bags of intravenous fluid to bring me back up to normal bp again but I was still discharged the next morning. That evening when I became an emergency, after I had been sent home, my bp shot up to 230/143 and I got uncontrollable shakes. The local hospital had no idea whatsoever what to do with me and did not even phone RB to find out even though I gave them my ‘passport’ and the RB card.

Only meds I am on is Apixaban. Hope my bp settles down cos it is a bit on the high side.

GrannyE in reply to BobD

2 months post ablation. My ectopic are far fewer. Am now having some readings with no A/Fib. Had forgotten what it is like to feel ‘normal’ and it is lovely. I am certainly miles better than before the ablation and am hopeful that maybe my heart might decide to calm down and the rhythm become ‘normal’.

If I put the Kardia directly on the chest the beat looks much stronger but using my fingers it is always feeble.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I certainly did but was in A/Fib most of the time but I really enjoyed friends and family. Did have a small amount of wheat and sugar and a tiny bit of alcohol.

Oh GrannyE, sounds like you've been through the mill :( Not the experience you'd hope for... But here's hoping the longer term outcome will be worth it all.

Rest up and take care of yourself. Keep us posted, won't you? Xx

Thank you Jane.

Hope you feel better soon, sending you lots of positive energy :o)

Thank you. As I said doing my best to remain optimistic. Meanwhile doing lots of reading and going for slow walks.

Sorry that you are having a rough go. Hope you feel better soon

Thank you. My Kardia says I still have A/Fib and I can feel that I have. Am hoping it will go away sometime soon.

Hi just read your post I do hope you are ok.

GrannyE in reply to sue13hils

Thank you. I am afraid I am back in AFib a lot of the time. Had a couple of days clear and some mornings. If I do anything much or am stressed I am straight back into it. Not so bad that I cannot lie on my left side and the ectopics are not so bad nor so frequent as pre ablation. Christmas was wonderful with lots of friends and family here but a bit too much for me hence the AFib. Hoping it will all settle down. The short time I was clear of AFib was great. I had almost forgotten what it was like.

I know this is a year ago, but how do you feel now? im due for my ablation soon

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