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One month post ablation


Well after a very shaky 2nd week where I had severe A fib or Flutter, low BP and generally felt dreadful, things have changed markedly. My pulse, although somewhat faster than pre ablation, is regular and very steady. The ectopics that I was having quite reguarly, have almost gone. My EP says they won't go all together but they are no real problem now.

Overall I am feeling really good and am able to excersise as well as ever. My pulse has risen from 55 bpm to 70 bpm. Not sure if this will change, but its not causing any concerns for me. Also my dialstolic BP is higher than before at 80 - 90. Everything else is really good and it feels great to be able to relax and have a good nights sleep. Still have 2 months to go for all clear but looks good at this stage. This is my first ablation and I was surprised at the ease and lack of any pain after the procedure. I also have a loop recorder implanted under my skin for the next 3 years to monitor my heart beats 24/7. That was an option which I gladly took up. Certainly would recommend ablation as a first line against this terrible condition called Atrial Fibrilation.

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Pleased to hear that you are feeling better, really hope this is the first and last one you have. Can I ask where you had your ablation?

johncb in reply to rupert12

I had the ablation done at the Hollywood Hospital in Perth Western Australia my EP was Ruckshen Weerasooriya. He has performed more than 2000 ablations and is very thorough and caring.

Was it in the UK ? So pleased to hear that you are feeling better.

johncb in reply to Terjo

Ablation was done in Western Australia.

Very happy to hear you are doing good. Mine was a month ago Monday. I have noticed the same thing with my pulse. My heart rate was mid 50's to low 60's prior to the ablation and now runs in the low 70's. I have talked to others that have had the same thing and was told it would go back down after a few months.

My attacks have decreased so much in severity that if not for my blood pressure monitor I would not know that I was having one. and the procedure was almost painless. I also would do it again (if needed) and would recommend it to anyone suffering with Afib.

I hope things just keep getting better and better for you.


johncb in reply to TheStand

Thanks Tim, glad to hear you are doing well hope it just gets better and better



Thanks for the reply John, Hollywood sounds a good place to go for ablation, but a bit too far for me as I live in Kent in the UK!


Hi John, I had three ablations before my AF went into hiding and yes raised heart rate is a known side affect of ablation. After my third my rate sat around 80 for many months but after four years is now 65-70 resting. I too am a fan of ablation but it is important to understand that there will be some ups and downs during the recovery period. It takes three months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form properly so don't worry if you do get some episodes. Positive thinking is very important so well done.


johncb in reply to BobD

Thanks for your kind words Bob, yes it can be a bit up and down thats for sure.

I have had AF for the last 6 years, had 4 cardioversion and each worked perfect fo a year the back inti AF. my consultant recomends a pace maker, has anyone had any problems with pacemakers, he even said somthing about a ablation.

bit concerned as I am a very independed person (73 male )

johncb in reply to watchdog

I would certainly go and see an Electrophysiologist who has performed at least 500 - 1000 ablations and get an appraisal.He would look at your history and current physical condition and make a decision as to whether you are a suitable candidate or not.

elmbury in reply to watchdog

I think a lot about the course of treatment depends on your quality of life with AF. At 73 you have to decide if you are able to do what you want to at that age, and how much impact it is having on you.

I am now almost three weeks post ablation and good to hear you are well after four weeks!! I never felt the need for pain relief after the ablation either. I felt some chest discomfort and still have a slight cough...groin area still slightly sore but no bruising....they must have applied some weight to stop bruising!! I had two nights in hospital and taking the advice from others as not to rush this recovery period. I just so tired easily...i felt good on Friday, no nap, but was late to day i felt awful, light headed, high heart rate and spent the day in bed resting.....i think i just under estimated my recovery and over did it!!! But I have to say that the odd flutters I was feeling after the procedure are decreasing...I do get odd ones when i bend down...but very few now. I am still taking Flecainide and small bisoprolol dose til i have a follow up with EP in May. I just want more umph!!!!!!

johncb in reply to frenchgoose

You will continue to feel better each week. Good to hear you are doing so well.

Fatigue and tiredness seems to be so common with all of us post ablation.....i know our hearts have taken some burns, and it is difficult to explain this new feeling of fatigue to friends and family, and work colleagues ....anyone got a good explanation???

I have had three weeks off work now, but could not cope with a full day at a desk. I can work from home but still need a nap each day. I also feel the fitter you are pre ablation helps recovery. I had done very little exercise for nine months so guess that has a bearing...i just so want to get out and walk with confidence again.

That feeling of euphoria of having had the ablation and feeling a light heart again is worth so much!!!!

Hi, i had my Ablation one month ago, my pulse was 70 ish before Ablation now 100 resting rate, hope it will come down soon but feeling ok. Good luck

Jlaine in reply to higgy52

Had. My very 1st ablation on July 1st and am having serious breathing issues. Was in regular rhythm for 1 day only. My pulse so far has not been an issue. I have a day or so where breathing is better but when in Afib I have to stop walking and catch my breath. I can only hope that in a couple mths perhaps it will improve? Has anyone else experienced the same senario and then things Did improve in time after ??scar tissue formed????

Hi You are the 1st person Who I have read also has a loop recorder implanted! I think it is very benificial! Can't help but wonder why more people don't have this device?

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