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I had my PV ablation by Doctor Grace last Friday in Papworth Hospital . It was a success.

Woke from the GA with a very painful throat which still hurts though not as much. Had to lay flat for over 8 hours post ablation due to a hematoma in the entry wound in my groin. This then made my scoliosis of the spine flare up and I had to have morphine for the pain in my back. Came home the next day. On Sunday I had palpitations for about an hour, they were fast but not irregular. Today I had the same thing, this time lasting for over three hours I was in sinus rhythm . Although I was told to expect something like this to happen it was still rather worrying. I am taking at least two weeks off work to recover. I don't want to alarm anyone who has their ablation coming up soon, just really reporting on my own. Has anyone else had the same experiences that I have had?

Apart from the problems I have had I feel so much better, I can breath better, my legs are not filling with fluid which made them painful and hard. The care and attention I received was superb. The team at Papworth were fantastic from the receptionist through to the surgeon.

Good luck and good health everyone

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  • All sounds normal to me! lol Take time to get better it is best in the long run. Nobody ever really expects the funnies which will happen however many times I warn about them but this is normal . The groin thing is not usual but not unknown. I had to have a femstop after my first (giant G clamp thingy)) as I was bleeding freely but my other two ablations were fine with no problems. Now you are into the next phase which could take three months or even longer but so glad you are feeling better already. Don't over do it!


  • Thanks for the reassuring words Bob. I am going to take things really slowly and not rush back to work until u feel I am ready. The doctor has signed me off for two weeks. I do find it hard to do nothing though. Guess I am not cut out to be a lady of leisure yet lol.

  • Bob do you think that my palpitations could have been brought on because i was hot ? I was laying in the garden in the sun when they happened.

  • Could be, at this stage any changes to the heart's work load could set things off but as I say it is early days and quite normal for this to happen It DOES NOT mean it hasn't worked. I do understand about not doing nothing. At 69 I'm still building race engines and pottering around in my workshop. After my first ablation I wouldn't accept that I was ill and probably overdid it (Typical male gung-ho etc) so for nos 2 and 3 my wife tied me to a chair for two weeks and watched me like a hawk. lol You do get used to it after a while and then it can be quite difficult to get back to being busy but isn't day time TV the pits.

    Take care


  • This story is very reassuring as I have just received the date for my ablations on September 16th. at Papworth under the care of Dr. Simon Fynn. Having right atrial ablation for A. flutter and left atrial ablation for A. fib. Seems a long time to wait for the procedure but at least the medication is working pretty well at the moment, though I have this feeling of being in limbo.

    Wish you a good recovery. Do let us know how you get on. Any advice you can pass on would be most appreciated. Take care. Best wishes Pam.

  • Hi Pam. Are you having a GA for your ablations? I had all my previous EP studies, pacemaker and ablations done in Barts but as my specialists had moved on I decided to go to Papworth. It was easier to get there as travelling is less stressful. I found doctor Grace through the AFA pages and am really glad I did. I have complete confidence with all the specialists I encountered in Papworth. The only advice j would give you is rest up as much as you can before, during your stay in hospital and afterwards in your recovery. I find it very frustrating having to ask my husband to tackle the washing ect. He has always done most if the housework and cooking anyway to help me. Hope you have a good helping network in place. I know just what you mean about being in limbo. I felt the same but hopefully can be making plans for our future very soon. Take good care and good luck with your ablations. Keep in touch Cathy x

  • Dear Cathy,

    Good to hear from you. How are you doing now? Yes I am having a GA. Didn't fancy hours trying to lie still and perhaps being aware of some of the procedure. I'm lucky like you in having a great husband who can turn his hand to most things. In fact, as I write this he is baking bread!

    Am fortunate that the bisoprolol and flecainide are working well and now only having a couple of attacks a week. Means that I can make a few plans to get out and enjoy life.

    Thanks for the advice. We are retired now so no pressure to go back to work, though we help our son who has his own restaurant business. Keeps us busy and out of mischief!

    Take care. Pam X

  • Hi Pam best of luck with your ablation. When are you having it? I am slowly doing more but too much tired me out and I have to rest lying down. It's still early days yet. Make sure you take your own advice and rest! Take care Cathy x

  • Yes, sounds pretty standard! After my ablation I had a bad back due to being pretty immobile and poorly supporting hospital beds which wouldn't go flat properly. Plus bad tachy (fast but regular) a day or two after. I think you'll find you recover rapidly from now on. I resumed work after a week and others have been back even sooner, but if you do I would suggest part-time for a few days and build it up. Also your recovery is quicker if you have sedation rather than a GA.

  • Thanks MarkS. It's good to hear from you. Glad you made a good recovery now. I am in no rush to get back to work!

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