I take 20mg of rivaroxoban once a day with breakfast which is usually a bowl of Special K with skimmed mik or porridge with skimmed milk. I've been reading lately that this drug should be taken with food with a certain amount of fat in it otherwise it doesn't work. Can anyone tell me how much fat is required and whether I'm taking enough, which as you can guess is very little?

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  • Hi Nanbrodie

    Yes at Patients day they emphasised with food and the food should contain a little fat to break down the drug in the stomach.

    It was suggested a biscuit was enough, so a very small amount really.

    Be well


  • I was not aware of this myself....but do take it after breakfast anyway.

  • Hi Ian, does this apply to Apixaban (Eliquis) as well or only Rivaroxaban? I've just moved to this after my INR results suddenly went crazy for months on end but all I can find in the information leaflet is to take it with or without food. Thanks.

  • No Mrsg, only Rivaroxaban


  • In the light of what was said at Patients Day (see Beancounter 's reply), perhaps you could change to whole/full fat milk for your breakfast cereal/porridge?

  • My inclination would be to take it at breakfast time along with my daily cod liver oil capsule.

  • Iv never been told that ! I just take it at 5pm each day with my evening meal or something else if I'm not eating then x

  • They actually said that unless you have some fat with that meal you lost 70% of the drug through non absorption. Not ideal obviously.

  • Thanks Bob ... They stress how important it is to take it but no instructions ... suppose I should of read the leaflet but find they cause more anxiety than they do help . Been taking it for a year now so have been lucky

  • Thanks everyone. I did read that a slice of toast with butter would be enough but I do look forward to my cereal in the morning. Maybe I'll have to consider milk with a higher fat content. It is a bit worrying especially as it doesn't refer to this in the leaflet only just to take it with food.

  • If you like cream on your porridge, you might like to note that you can buy oat cream from health food stores which has rapeseed and palm oils in and is 13% fat and claims to have no bad fat. Or you can perhaps make do with ordinary double cream which is probably not as good for you.

  • but nicer.

  • Make do? An excuse to have cream? Sounds like a win win.

  • I am actually lactose intolerant so generally only use goats milk. The only cream I eat is soya so bit of a problem there. As I said before I think I’ll have to change from skimmed goats to semi skimmed I think that should be enough.

  • I generally take it with evening meal but I am always worried on days when I am not eating dinner regarding how much food is required. Thank you for clarifying. I wish the leaflet was more specific.

  • I decided to take if with breakfast because it’s the one time of day that it won’t get forgotten.

  • Ditto ! Frustrated as I thought this was working for me over the last two years.

    I take my tab with a pear or tangerine just as I leave the house, routine.

    I WILL sometimes forget if left until lunch or Teatime. I guess I'll try having some bran flakes and semi skimmed. Frustrating this has never been pointed out from doctors but if its not even highlighted by the manufacturers how do the Doctors know ?. Anyway good that someone has brought it up in the forum THANKS !

  • I have been taking mine after my evening meal - it now seems it is best in the middle of your meal. On one 5 day stay in hospital in 2015 I was given it late evening, with no food. I asked to change but they did not do med rounds at meal times. My last visit in December 2016 I was allowed to keep all my meds and administer them when I wanted (if you were deemed capable lol). Before this all meds were taken from you and given at their times.

    I am much happier with this, I have my own routine of when I take my meds (like most of us I think).

  • Hi Nanabrodie

    I also take my Rivaroxaban with breakfast, usually porridge with skimmed milk because of cholesterol issues.

    I now also take a small handful of almonds and walnuts too, so hopefully that should do the trick.


  • Doctors (in my experience) aren't experts in meds but pharmacists are. I would ask your pharmacist. Good luck.

  • Hi

    Any food is Ok...unless it has Marmite in it !

  • WRONG!

    Marmite is ace........

  • Hi Nanbrodie, I have been taking 20 mg Riveroxoban for 2 years after breakfast. Like you, I usually have a bowl of cereal with a little semi-skimmed milk and occasionally I have porridge. This works well and I have had no problems. The table below show how much butterfat is in each type of milk. There is more butterfat in semi-skimmed milk than totally skimmed. I chose semi-skimmed milk because it is a happy medium. I don't like the taste of full cream milk and skimmed is a bit low on the fat side. My consultant and doctor are happy with that. Butterfat contentUK Terminology

    3.5%Whole milk or full fat milk

    1.5–1.8%Semi-skimmed milk

    1% in 1% milk

    Less than 0.3%Skimmed milk

  • I have been talking 20mg Rivaroxaban since April, but told by my 3 Consultent cardiologists in hospital to take the pill only in the enenings during or immediately after a meal, which they deemed most important! This is for Atrial Fiburlation.

  • I was given rivaroxaban for PAF. I was told to take it with my biggest meal so I guess there would be enough fat in that. I take it at 6pm

  • When I told the the doctor at the hospital I was taking it with my breakfast he he seemed ok with that .

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