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A note about my attempt to take the beast by its horns

Good day everyone.

On the 9th of August I underwent an open-heart surgery. Having had an intermediate, relatively asymptomatic AF for six or so years, lately I noticed more frequent occurrences. Thus I also faced an increasing chance of a stroke. While Flecinite helped to a small degree, two ablations appeared ineffective. An investigation of the condition led me to one conclusion. The course of action, most likely to control/ eliminate AF is the Cox Maze Procedure. Although aggressive, an open heart surgery (as opposed to less invasive techniques) seems to offer the surgeon the best opportunity to block rogue pulses playing havoc with the heart rhythm. The 90% chance of a success, the surgeon's estimate, was good enough for me. In that, my overall health, fitness, and specific factors related to my AF were all considered.

Since the surgery, I have not experienced a single episode of AF. Obviously, I hope, even anticipate my good luck to continue for many years to come. I.e. I hope to be rid off the demon for good. In a couple of weeks I resume jogging, thus put the heart to another test.

Those of you who kindly spoke with me, or emailed directly - MANY THANKS. Your input was important

J (-:

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Wow Globe-J

So am I right in saying your effectively had elective open heart surgery?, that was a decision and a half, you must have thought long and hard about that.

Cox-Maze is more effective that way I am told, but usually only done when combined with other procedures, so to have it as a stand alone operation must be fairly rare

You cite increased risk of stroke as you main predeterminant, why were you not happy with your anti-coagulation protection?

Be well



Wow that was brave! How long did the op take? Where did you have it done?

So glad it was worth it.


Hello Luludean,

The surgery, a fairly gruesome affair (circular saw cuts the chest bone, the chest is opened, lungs pushed out of the way, heart stopped and then carved) took, I think, over an hour.

Not a picnic (-; I am still recovering, having to deal with a hospital induced infection did not help. Alas, now no drugs, no AF, no regrets (((-:

I live in Sydney, where the op took place. Currently traveling in Italy, Germany, ...

Why did you ask?

J (-:


O !!! I 've gone back to bed!!! Awful description! On a facetious note! I take it you were put out for this!

Don't dwell on it ,there are nicer things to think about!

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Wow... just ... wow. You are one brave person!

Wishing you continued good health hereon :)


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