Ablation on Thursday

Hi my ablation is at Leicester on Thursday and family will be taking my me there bringing me back and planning on staying with me for 48 hours. Thereafter people will come in on an ad hoc basis to check on me throughout the day as I live alone.

My concern is what is the best advice for what I have to do in that first week and afterwards as I have always been a hands on person.

Everyone is different but I am having both types of ablation My heart in all other respects is fine

Rest seems to deliver good outcomes but how long is a piece of string and what do others recommend as I won't have the luxury of someone to answer to my beckon call. Thanks

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  • Hello like you i live on my own wich was a worry for me to. I had good friends who walked my dogs and did my shopping for the first 2 weeks as i was determined to do it right and rest as much as possible my Gp said that at least two weeks rest is best as your heart objects to what they do to it and needs to recover slowly. I was able to make a cuppa and use the remote contol wich is about all you should be doing really. I wish you well and a good recovery.

  • Thanks People in similar positions know how I am feeling at the moment

  • I would just ensure that you have all that you need ...provisions etc and just relax and spoil yourself for a couple of weeks.

    For myself, used to doing everything, I carried on making evening meal as usual as husband back at work as soon as I was home. I just avoided shopping for the first week and heavy lifting. Ok for second week onwards...just a bit kinder to myself.

    (We got someone in to mow the lawns at the time of my first ablation ...8 years ago ...and he made such a good job of it hes still doing it !!)

    Wishing you well on Thursday . Do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you The for xperience of others definitely helps

  • The key is to listen to your body.

    However in any case you should not drive for a week and should rest a lot in the first two weeks.

    I am 3 ½ weeks post my last ablation and having followed this routine for maybe the first time ever, I am right now feeling better than ever before after an ablation.

    Just take it easy.


  • Thanks Pete I know from having seen some of your previous posts you are very experienced in this area Hope your recovery continues

  • I made a big pot of soup and glad I did as this was all I felt like eating and easy to pop in micro even though I am lucky to have a wonderful husband to look after me I caught up on all my TV programs and just didn't think about cleaning for a couple of weeks .hope all goes well for you and be kind to yourself xx

  • Thanks for reply I love soup so that is a real possibility

    I have Sky do box sets look like an option

  • Hi , I am post ablation 3 weeks Thursday at Glenfeild hospital ❤️😊

    First let me tell you how fantastic they are at that hospital. They welcomed me with open arms literally. They even let my 2 year old grandson stay with family as I went for my procedure. My EP was fantastic and one thing I will tell you is don't be put off by the talk before the procedure as this is what is said to everyone. That is something that I wish I had understood and expected. My daughter was aloud to come to the lab while they put me to sleep and I was so anxious about everything. I stayed in over night with my daughter again slept beside me . If I can do it anyone can , also please try and rest for at least 2 weeks, you might feel ok but deapending on what they find on your EP study and what you have done on the day it might be different in recovery. One thing about Glenfeild ? If you have anything more than AFib !they will find it . I have nothing but praise for that hospital. Please let your heart heal ❤️ it takes time and aggravation to the heart as it heals won't help . I hope your procedure goes very well and you are looked after by your family for at least 2 weeks afterwards. Sending you all my best wishes

    Sam 💗

  • Hi Sam I was hoping to get a reply from yourself as I have been monitoring your progress It appears that I am having a similar procedure in that I am having three freezes and one burn

    How are you doing with your recovery at the moment

  • Hi there , yes I am doing good at the moment 👍🏼🤞🏼 thank you , still can't believe it's all done and the first week I was quite sore on my arm more than my groin, sore as food went down but that has gone now . Second week got quite a lot of ectopic beats but nothing I couldn't handle. They have calmed down this week a bit . But eating as normal agin as I had soup to start with nothing to heavy , plenty of water and lots of rest . This week I have picked up more now . I think it may be a bit more harsh on us with both freezing and burning together, but you will be fine as your in good hands 😊 apparently all the EPs at Glenfeild are top ones with fantastic equipment and the latest technology for afib . And if your anxiety gets the better of you on the day let them no as they are amazing with you and will help you to no ends to get you ready for your procedure. I no it's ok everyone saying don't worry but it's normal to feel very anxious so don't be embarrassed about it as they see it loads . Aww good luck and I hope everything goes well for you and loads of rest afterwards ❤️👍🏼 here anytime if you need a chat my friend x

  • Thanks for advice I think you know how so feel at the moment as the minutes and hours run down but hope for a positive experience and outcome knowing there is a wealth of support out there for me

  • I reamber it so well as I was jittery this time 3 weeks ago my friend, it's mentally exhausting preparing your brain and family also for what you all have to go through. It's not easy and my heart goes out to you all as it's very fresh in my mind still . I had a right go at my husband for saying that the doctors do this every day as it's there job so try not worry 😫 I snapped and said it's my heart and I only have one . Then felt awful about it but he understands. Just remember to let them no if you get to anxious as they will give you something before hand . I honestly don't no how they got me to get it done as I was ready to leg it from the car park . I wasn't to bad on the drive to the hospital but once I got there every emotion came out 😩 and agin that is totally normal, and also they didn't rush me I went at my own pace and no problem with it . I didn't eaven realise we were going to the lab 😂👍🏼and all I reamber was the man saying he was putting some more stuff in to relax me and I was asleep 😴 then woke up with a banging headache like I had a hangover. That is normal as well by the way and disappears with a pain killer. Honestly all your feelings now are totally normal x

  • I am laughing because I once said to someone, "if this was my big toe, I wouldn't be so anxious, but it is my heart for cryin' out loud!" Looking forward to the anti anxiety medication beforehand.

  • This is helpful. I have done plenty of reading, but hearing this over and over again helps. I am having my first ablation this coming Friday. Am nervous, but am also ready!

  • Hi good luck Everyone’s experience is slightly different but like many before me come out of the process with positives to tell If you have any specific questions I will do my best to answer them

  • Hi, I live on my own and had my ablation at the beginning of May. My sister came to live with me for the first week and then on the second week my daughter came in to prepare my lunch and my sister to prepare my dinner. I really needed that help particularly during the first week as I really couldn't do anything very much and not much more the second week.

    So my advice would be to really do as little as possible for the first two weeks and try and get someone to stay with you for the first week.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery.


  • Hi thanks for advice and will work on getting in the extra support

  • Now 11 days post ablation, and beginning to be able to do things. The first week you really need to totally rest - don't worry about it, your body will tell you what to do (in my case sleep!) The recovery varies day by day, some days you feel full of beans, some days you feel quite flat, just don't worry!

  • Thanks I will do my best to follow your advice

  • I would echo a lot of what others have said. I'm 3 weeks post-ablation and like you wondered how to know much I would/should do. I'm a keen runner, and key reason for going for the ablation was to be able to get back to running - so I felt I needed some guidance. I'm glad I got some, but I don't think I really needed it.

    For the first week I just laid/sat around and built up to some gentle pottering about the house. I only really wanted to eat soup - sitting around doesn't require much fuel. In the second week I started walking, not too far or fast, and in the 3rd I walked some more until I felt ready to go for a nice gentle jog.

    To be honest I feel pretty good, but in spite of being keen to get back to running I honestly didn't feel ready to do so until the 3rd week, and even then only a very slow jog. I've now run a very slow 5k twice and that feels just about right and it seems to have satiated my need for exercise.


  • Thanks Steve I am not the best patient but will do my best to follow advice

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