Third Ablation

Just to let all who know me from this forum, I have just had a third ablation. It was all arranged very quickly and I was telephoned last Friday and asked to come in for the ablation the following Wednesday (long story as I wasn't even on the waiting list for an ablation and it's normally a seven month wait -new study tried out on me). Will talk about later. Stayed in hospital for two nights as my heart raced a few times in the days following the procedure. Came back to my home, from my daughter's this afternoon, as I longed for it's comforts and privacy. Hospital was a bit traumatic and sleep almost impossible with all the noise, air conditioning vents were on a roof outside the ward and my what a noise they made! Loud voices, people snoring etc. I'm sure lots of you can identify with this.

My brain is a bit foggy at the moment, but am doing ok.


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  • Wonderful news Jean although I think I would have wanted to be looked after for a bit longer. PLEASE take it easy and rest a lot. Drink plenty.

  • Drink plenty of water!!!!

  • Yes, will make sure I do. However, I look forward to the day when I can feel safe having a glass of something a bit stronger.

  • Thanks for reminding me to drink plenty Bob, went and had a glass of water immediately. Am so woolly headed at the moment I need a bit of guidance.


  • Hope you get a good result from it.Glad to hear it well , I like that foggy feeling after ,although my husband would say I need no encouragement there! Keep well x

  • Thank you. I don't think I like the foggy feeling. Picked up a crossword puzzle to do the other day and I was hopeless.


  • Hi Jean,

    That was unexpected - fingers crossed as I know you have been through the mill so to speak in the past three years.

    I trust Bob was referring to water and not alcohol !!!!!

    Wishing you well.

    Carol x

  • Thank you Carol. You know with my brain fog at the moment I didn't even think about alcohol in Bobs post, just water. See how bad I am!!!


  • So pleased to hear this. It's great to be swept in at short notice and it's all over before you have too much time to dwell on the prospect. I do hope you have a trouble free recovery and will be moved forwards in a significant way. Third time lucky, hopefully!

  • Gosh Jean, that was a surprise ! Especially as you had been told a third ablation would not be feasible .

    Look forward to the full story. Take it easy as I'm sure you will.

    Sandra x

  • Hi Sandra - Yes, it was certainly a shock, especially as I hadn't been seen by that hospital for several years (only contact over that time was via telephone). I couldn't understand why I'd been selected, but I fitted the criteria for the trial they wanted to do. Will write about that when my brain is a little less muddled (if that day ever comes).


  • Very best wishes Jean - may it be everything you have hoped for. xx

  • Thank you Finvola. I'm so hoping this has cured my AF. The test will be when I can walk more than a few miles and get up hills without feeling breathless and ill. I can't wait for the day I can walk the coastal footpaths near where I live again.


  • Great news join the ranks of the idle for as long as possible.....we can compare bruises of luck.....John

  • Thank you John - It's odd but I have almost no bruising in my groin this time, whereas I had awful bruising almost down to my knee the last two ablations. I have more bruising on my neck and two red entry points there that look as though Dracula has been visiting.


  • Wow, Jean! Good for you. Rest and recover gently and be well!

  • Thank you. It's odd but I don't feel anywhere near as bad as I did after my previous ablations. I have more bruising on my neck and two red entry points there.


  • Hi everybody, I'm new here so this is my story. Back in darkest February I picked up what I thought was a chest infection that would leave me breathless, so breathless that if I put out the rubbish bags I would have to rest half way. Finally, when I had to sit on the edge of the bath when taking a shower, I realised it was time to visit my surgery. A pretty thorough check-up revealed a pulse of 240 bpm, and I was promptly shipped off to hospital where PAF was diagnosed. Since being put on beta blockers &Warfarin I have only had a couple of bouts, each time seems to follow when I stray from the recommended alcohol limits. I work in the building industry & have since resumed work, albeit not working a full week & this definitely helps in my opinion. I'm 66 now and would hope for a long & healthy life in spite of my heart problems, yet I feel if my heart can beat at 250 bpm then it must be pretty tough!


  • When mine first started I was certain that I could find a trigger and also that if I only had an attack now and then, I could deal with it. However over a period of 5 years it got steadily worse and eventually I had a PVI cryoablation,which seems to have worked for now. No AF in over a year! Some people are lucky and seem to be able to control the attacks but for most it is a progressive condition with an ablation procedure being the best hope of getting a break from this mentally draining and totally sh*t condition.

    The only positive for me is a much healthier lifestyle ie I no longer drink alcohol after years of drinking 10 pints a week, no longer drink coffee, only decaffeinated tea or red Bush and have lost 10kg in weight! Good luck on your journey!

  • Jean , im so pleased you could have it done again. Looking forward to hearing from you with all the info. X

  • Thank you Dedeottie, yes I'll try and explain it all when my brain fog clears. When the AF nurse range me last Friday I thought the EP would have given her some advice for me re changing tablets or something, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought an ablation would be suggested, especially after being told I couldn't have any more.


  • Great news! Now slowly does it.

  • Thank you for your advice. I'll go slowly, don't worry, as I so much want this ablation to work. I have a great feeling of tiredness so guess I will be sat for most of the day.


  • Hope all stays calm, do nothing and rest rest rest. Best wishes.


  • Thank you. I feel quite subdued right now anyway, so guess I wont feel like doing much anyway. How are you feeling?


  • Keeping fingers and toes crossed that this will be the solution for you Jean, take it easy as others have said. Very best wishes for a full recovery.

  • Thank you CDreamer. I'm going to watch tv and have a nap on the settee this afternoon. Thought I'd quickly do a bit of vacuuming this morning but soon discovered I couldn't and gave up. Silly I know, but I stupidly thought I'd be ok. Not feeling too affected by the ablation this time.


  • Excellent news! Take it easy and I hope all goes well.

  • Hi John, thank you. I'm sure I'm going to be fine, not feeling too bad at all right now.


  • Good luck with your recovery Jean

    I have had my ablation 3 months ago now, on a trial, and have good after care support from the hospital as they are very interested into how "one " is doing and making q of l a propriety.

    Mine is called The Avatar Trial.

    When you feel better , would be interested to hear about yours.

    I have had good results so far ....

    With best wishes


  • Thank you Sarah - That's interesting re The Avatar Trial you were part of. The piece of equipment used on me is in it's early design days yet, will write about it later when I feel more alert.


  • Hope you are feeling a bit less foggy as the days pass, take care and build up your strength.

  • Thank you Jay. I'm not feeling too bad after this ablation, my two before made me feel ill for weeks after, so have my fingers crossed.


  • Good to hear about your 3rd ablation!!! Do rest and no vaccing!!!

    I've got my third on 21st July so hope 3rd time is really lucky for us!!


  • Thank you and I hope your ablation goes well too. Yes, let's be positive and believe totally in third time lucky.


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