Ablation Number 3 on Thursday

I have been a mingler here for a long time, possibly as long as BobD, so have had a long journey of AF/AFlutter.

I know what to expect on Thursday but it still does not come easy, walking into the Cath lab for an ablation. I had my pre-op yesterday and at this hospital they leave the sheaths in for several hours post ablation, which adds to my anxiety. The previous two ablations, at a different hospital, I came round with no sheaths and could lie propped up after just a few hours.

After the last two ablations I had very bad pain in recovery, at the top of my stomach, and that subsided over months, so anticipating that once again! The cause of the severe pain was never identified, it could have been from TOE, heat damage from the burns...who knows.

OK, trying to be positive now...hard after disappointments...but I know many of you understand!

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  • All the very best.

  • Thank you!

  • Awww bless you. I really hope all goes well and that this time the procedure is successful for you and that you have no pain afterwards. I felt like you do now before I had my third ablation a few weeks ago, so understand completely. Big hug.


  • I know you understand...how are things settling for you now?

  • Still not too good. My heart rate is flitting around and feels sore if I move around too much. I think I may have done too much last Friday, which was about 10 days after my ablation. I walked down to the town, drove to Sainsburys, cut the front lawn and did some minor hedge trimming (live on my own). Please don't make the same mistake as me and make sure you rest. How I regret it now!


  • So sorry about your continuing problems. I definitely hope things do start to improve. I also think that it is very magnanimous of you to admit on the forum that you did too much.

    Good luck.

  • Hey all the best for Thursday and third time lucky. It's a common procedure as we know but that didn't stop me being anxious for my recent second ablation, so I'm with you there. Hope you have a good recovery and your sitting up soon with it all behind you :-)

  • Thanks...how are you doing now?

  • Three weeks yesterday since my second ablation and so far so good. Just finding it frustrating not being able to get out on my bike. I know I must give the healing process good time and rest my heart from exertion as part of the recovery, but it's hard although the yoga helps. Enough of me you have a good one, I found that the stress of the procedure is nearly outweighed by that sweet tea and custard cream when you come around ;-)

  • I know it's hard when you want to get back on your bike... But remember why you need to rest now!!!! Spend the time doing something you wouldn't normally have done that makes you happy. I will try and practice what I preach!!

  • Only 4 days since my first ablation. How long are you resting before you geton the bike? I was given no guidance but waiting to see how I felt in a couple of weeks. The term "take it easy" means different things to different folks.

  • Your heart has been burnt internally. Just imagine if the burn was on your arm. How long would it take to heal? 3 or 4 weeks? A couple of weeks isn't enough. The longer you give it, the better. Expect to take things carefully thereafter for 6 months at least.

    Best wishes

  • I thought third time lucky too. All the best for Thursday and yes, we know what it's like. Let's hope it will be trouble and pain free for you.

  • Thank you!

  • Wishing you well! I know the feeling walking into the Cath lab.....it's never easy however much you think you are prepared . I had my third one 3 years ago but it seems like yesterday .

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you. How are you doing now? I followed you as we had ablations at a similar time.

  • Yes i thought we did. Well , after quite a few more bouts of persistent fast AF and subsequent DCCV s I'm hoping that things may now have settled. It's over 7 months since my last ' do ' and I am quietly optimistic.

    Are you in for a flutter ablation ?

  • It is so disheartening when months go by and then when you just think life is sweet again... Back it comes. My EP thought it was flutter that lasted 14 hours and I was really unwell a month ago. I can't take Flec now as that causes bundle branch block, so hope he deals with it this time. I had paroxsysmal flutter and AF previous times . Hope you keep well.

  • Hi Frenchgoose .......I should never have mentioned my 7 months AF free. I have just come out of hospital this evening after DCCV no 16. GP sent me in this morning ,very symptomatic at 150/60 so spent 11 hours in resusc where they cardioverted me at first attempt with 50 j .

  • Good luck 👍

  • Thank you. I will mention as that worries me the most!

  • Very best wishes. I am only a number 2er(!) and will have no problem having a 3rd if required. So be positive. All will be well I am sure.

  • Thank you, bag packed...bring it on!!!

    No food after 4am tomorrow, or fluids after 8am. Think it is scheduled for 1pm!

  • I like that......Bring it on indeed!

  • Best wishes and hope all works well for you this time. It's so frustrating when it comes back. I have my 2nd Friday 29th so know what you are feeling. We have to chill. 😎


  • Never easy walking into the lab even with previous experience. Best wishes - hopefully you'll come through the next few days and get home and put your feet up. Whilst I've rested a lot after both my ablations there were times when there were things I thought I needed to do and probably shouldn't have! Age and general health are obviously big factors in how quickly one heals - I tend to forget I'm nearly 70. Having said that it's still a fine balance between rest and then after a while giving your heart the appropriate exercise.

    Hope it all goes well.

  • Think positive!!!!! Good luck!!!!

  • Hi, hang in there Champ! I had five catheter ablations (one for flutter and four for fibrillation) but we finally got it! Have been over two years now with hardly even an ectopic beat and have been in sinus rhythm the whole time. It's frustrating and frightening at the time but can be very worth it at the end.

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