pain/sorness in chet and throat

pain/sorness in chet and throat

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? after having ablation surgery, every now an then I get a sore/hurt feeling in my throat and chest when taking a deep breath. It's very uncomfortable. at first I thought it was from working out my chest in gym. I stopped working out my chest and this morning I feel it. Please share if you experience this or know what it could be. Thank you!

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  • Hi Angie, I have just had my ablation 2 weeks ago and this started the past few days same thing . I am still resting though and not done any working out yet , but got a lot of indigestion since the ablation procedure and if I take a deep breath in it makes me cough a bit and hurts my chest . I wonder if it's the inflammation from the procedure? So your not on your own there . Hope this helps

    Best wishes

    Sam ❤️

  • Hi Angie I had a cryoablation on18th August and have had discomfort in my chest and a dry cough until the last few days where I've finally seen a slow recovery. It's definitely getting better now. Yours will too. I would rest and allow your body to heal. It's been through a lot.

  • Hi

    I had cryiablation in june and had sore throat and cough until few days ago. It is finally slowly slowly getting better but not yet 100%ok. I ve read that it is a frequent side effect and it can last some months .

  • Yes. I was incubated and had sore throat and cough for a while after ablation. This feeling Is way different.

  • You do not say how long since ablation. Only thing that springs to mind is that I remember getting a burning sensation in my throat during the first ablation. I was under Local Anesthetic and I came round a few times. It was a feeling of very hot gas / air in my throat. Could be part of the process and you are feeling a slight after effect. I should imagine it will clear in time but you could always ask the consultant.

  • It's been 3 months since my ablation. This is only 3rd time since ablation that I've felt this way???

  • I'm six days post cryo ablation, have breathlessness and some chest "discomfort", dry tickly cough and some irritation when I cough. I'm hoping it will go away soon.......!

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