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Arrhythmia following cryogenic ablation

Hi all my background was that I was getting paroxysmal AF on a monthly basis but following a mini stroke in Feb 2017 this increased to weekly. I decided with good advice to have a cryoablation ablation procedure on 18th Aug. This went very well however my arrhythmia returned aggressively within a day of leaving the hospital. I am now having daily arrhythmia events lasting hours. I know we must be patient and in some cases it's not a cure but I'm just looking to hear of anyone else that has experienced what I am experiencing. Can I still hope for improvement in the coming days and weeks or am I looking at a failed ablation?

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Sorry you are having problems. Some studies mentioned on Medscape suggest that 15-65 percent of ablation patients have arrhythmias immediately after the ablation because of the trauma and upheaval. This is different from the problems arising when the healing can result in gaps - some weeks later.

They say about 30% of patients with these early recurring problems with have problems later( i e 60 percent don't) , compared with 10 per cent of those who don't have the early difficulty. Have a look at Medscape but bear in mind these are widely differing figures and may not apply to you- your individual history will be the most important predictor so best to ask the team who are caring for you

do let us know how you get on


Thanks for the reply RosyG I'll take those odds I think. I'll be sure to report back in the coming weeks.


Hi noxy , I am going in on Thursday for the same ablation, they told me to exspect some of them and eaven some AFib afterwards , but it's just while the heart heals as it's scaring from the ablation procedure. So it's early days for you really, can I ask were you had it done and what EP you had if you don't mind me asking ? Hope your feeling better soon best wishes sam x


Hi Sam I was treated in Plymouth and I'm afraid I don't know which electrophysiology study was performed. I just checked the letter that my cardiologist sent but it doesn't mention it. The actual procedure was brilliant though and you can expect to be well cared for. Where are you having yours?


Hi noxy , how you feeling now ? I had mine done 2 weeks ago today 👍🏼 apparently it went very well but also was a very complicated procedure as they found an SVT in the right atrium by my AV node 😬 it was a tricky one to tackle as thank god i didn't wake up with a permanent pacemaker 🙏🏼 however I have been ok with a few days of skipped heart beats 💗 and yes I have had a dry cough as well , I must say I feel my sore heart more this week than last week. As someone said above this is normal as they freeze around the vains that are attached to the lungs . So they are probably Irritated and a bit sore inside . I am taking it easy still as I think the key is definitely rest as if we do to much to soon are hearts will let us no 💗 keep in touch and update us please best wishes

Sam x


Hi again all its now 15 days since my operation. Last couple of days I have been getting prolonged periods of slow heart beats. 36 beats a minute. It sometime goes back up to 60 something with activity but is getting less responsive. Has anyone else had this? I've never had this before. Will this disappear again with time or do I need to get in and see the A&E people?


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