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Question re: magnesium supplements for my Afib


I have heard that magnesium supplements can help with Afib but I see there are many different kinds of magnesium so I am asking: Have other people with Afib benefited by taking Magnesium and if so, which kind?

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If you search magnesium top right search box you will find all the info you need and a lot you probably don't.

My advice is always discuss any supplement with your medical team.

Sunshine89 in reply to BobD

Thanks, I'm on it...

George2467814 in reply to BobD

While I agree discussion with GP is necessary I find they tend to be negative as soon as you say supplement . Have never been told to take them personally , and find it impossibly to speck to cardiac people as they say speak with yourGP if on several medications. I have found my pharmacist the most helpful.

You and others predicted correctly that my Cardiologist was negative regarding mg though I do give him credit for the fact that he has included a check of my mg levels in blood tests he has ordered for other things related to trying to find root causes of my problems of breathlessness, fatigue, chest pain, etc. It's all so confusing and when one doesn't feel well it tends to get a little too much at times. Thank you for your input though

I don't take magnesium, but Dr Sanjay Gupta at York Hospital recommends Magnesium Taurate which can be bought on Amazon. However, as BobD says, it would be wise to discuss any supplement with your GP.

Sunshine89 in reply to CaroleF

Thank you CaroleF I did see Sanjay Gupta's video on Magnesium via You Tube and that prompted me to ask people on this forum. I am seeing my Cardiologist tomorrow so will ask him too.

CaroleF in reply to Sunshine89

I'd be interested to hear what your cardiologist says, Sunshine89. My GP seems to think that taking any sort of magnesium supplement is all a bit of a 'fad of the moment', but I have never really pressed her for a detailed explanation. I've always had more pressing issues to discuss in the 10 mins allotted for an appointment!

Not sure this is relevant. I am on flecainide and had a range of side effects. since taking magnesium and co-enzyme 10 these side effects have become negligible.

I was in a-fib earlier this year for about 6 weeks and the magnesium didn't help in any noticeable way.

Yes jonathan_C everything is helpful as I try to wade my way through this maize of solutions. Thank you

Yes jonathan_C all comments are valuable to me right now while I am searching for answers. Thank you...

My medics said they had no objection to Mg supplement, I have Lone PAF; don't expect any discussion with them as almost all think its outside their remit.

Hi Sunshine89 :-) I am not a fan of supplements believing that if we eat a healthy balanced diet it should provide all we need.

However having read about Magnesium on this site I looked into it a little more and see that even with my daily high intake of nuts and veg I will struggle to get up to the daily recommended amount so after a bit of research I now take Magnesium Taurate .

The one recommended by many is very expensive, I am taking this one more suited to my pocket..

I don't know if if it is related to the supplement or my lifestyle changes but I am feeling well just now and full of energy.

Lamadre in reply to doodle68

Hi doodle68. I take the same mag taurate but the recommended daily dose of 146mg seems on the low side. I've read that you can take up to about 350mg (for a female) so I usually take 3 per day. Some energy would be good!!

doodle68 in reply to Lamadre

Hi Lamadre :-) in the UK the DRA of magnesium for a woman is approx 270mg a day ..

I eat a lot of almonds each day and other magnesium rich foods but I do take 2 pills.

Sunshine89 in reply to doodle68

Hello doodle68. I share your sentiments on supplements so I do try to make sure I eat right (but I'm only human so am not always as strict with myself as I should be ha!), also, like you I have read the research that says that even if we are adhering to the right diet we're probably still short so I'm going to give it a try. I'm off to see my Cardiologist today and hope he will approve as at this moment in time I naturally want to make sure he's on my side... Thanks for your support...

Hi Sunshine, remember anything oral, with the exception of sublingual, will only deliver about 10%-15% of the dose stated. If you take 500mg's of something oral, between having to pass the liver and our compromised GI's we only receive a partial, 50mg-75mgs.

Taurate is the mineral salt derived from Mg. As the amino, taurine, it helps tamper/dampen the sympathetic nerve. Besides thyroid the expression of catecholamines, epinephorine, neopenephorine and dopamine can induce and amplify afib.

I routinely infuse myself with IV's and taurine is an important component. As for my choice of Mg, I use chloride, in the form of magnesium oil. The EASE brand on amazon. You can make your own with Mg flakes and distilled water. While referenced as an oil it has no oily character and sprays on like water.

I spray 20 pumps all over, best out of warm shower, and off to sleep. Transdermal absorption is much better than the oral route and since I get taurine via IV, I chose the spray.

Mg also has a profound influence on systolic (upper number) of blood pressure, as potassium has a grand effect on diastolic. Mg is also part of the principal 5 minerals that enable the heart to discharge an electrical impulse for life. It is near impossible to overdose. I routinely check my RBC levels at labcorp as one of the many panels i run.

One of the key clinical studies I used to platform the AF treatment I am working on, had Mg Taurate as the initial use that prompted George Eby to take it to the next step. His work is a component of what motivated me to develop a means to deliver a 24 hour coverage to ensure the dampen and nitric oxide resulting in vasodialation and in many NSR.

Sunshine89 in reply to tombeaux

Hello tombeaux: I believe you make some very good points here but your terminology got me bogged down so if you could express in more basic terms that would be appreciated. So far I have gathered that, tablets are not the best way to ingest; taurate may not b the best form for me since I do have hypothyroidism?? My friend was advised to take mg bis-glycinate so I'm wondering if that might be better for me. Obviously I need to do more research on the different forms of mg.

I like your idea of transdermal absorption so I will consider that. I will also look up George Eby to see if I can glean more understanding.

I found drinking SiS GO hydro drinks helped loads with breathlessness and fatigue. One bottle sipped throughout the day. Amazon have a deal on the tablets at the moment.

When my AF started happening more regularly earlier this year, I started spraying 3 times a day with magnesium oil from Holland and Barrett (other products are available :o)

However, I didn't find any improvement in frequency or severity of episodes over a couple of months, so stopped using it.

Hi Sunshine,

If you have problems selecting a Magnesium supplement which your medical team agree on, i can recommend a bath with two handfuls of Epsom Salts thrown in. This will provide the the desired Magnesium level to help and I can guarantee a good night's sleep and feeling refreshed. No supplements required. A word of warning though a hot bath can trigger an attack of AF. Epsom Salts are available in all Pharmacies . Keep us posted as to how you get on with Magnesium


Thank you Maureens46 I will definitely try this one

I started taking Magnesium Citrate daily after reading up on it and watching Dr Sanjay Guptas video on it and I feel more energetic and sleep better at night. Not sure if it helps my AF yet as just had meds changed from Bisoprolol and Flecainide to Sotalol. I believe some of the magnesium types of tablet can be absorbed better than others, Citrate being one of them. Hope this helps.

I also follow Dr. Sanjay Guptas videos and find them very helpful.

I am also in the process of changing meds so, like you I won't really be able assess benefits yet but I appreciate the knowledge. Good luck with your med changes...

My cardiologist was dead set against it, so I upped my magnesium food intake water melon for one, google the rest

It helped but I had multiple focal ectopics was on a beta blocker and came off them in one year, nil problem since

Hi I also take Magnesium Taurate and iodine for ectopics had 2 ablations this year little improvement but after changing my diet and including the supplements noticed huge improvement took 2 weeks my EP also was unconvinced about supplements but this was my last resort! I also follow Dr Sanja Gupta


My Cardiologist recommended Magnesium Oxide 400mg daily which I follow. Dunno if it helps, figure it can't hurt. Too many variables to consider in a random blind study pinpointing statistic evidence.

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