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Good day

Yesterday I moved about the house. I'm still weak. But felt good. I need to call my doctor because my body feels like it's going backwards. Hubby has been trying to get the time to get me out more but working on a commercial or industrial farm doesn't help. Crazy hours. But lots and lots of chocolate has helped. Most of my pain is gone so that's a plus but my AFib seems to be getting worse. I had a very hard time moving about yesterday afternoon later.and I have a bit of chest pains this morning. Hopefully my doctor will see me sooner than the 24th.

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Hi Ruby , Glad to hear everything is slowly improving ......except the AF .. You mentioned eating lots of chocolate I wonder if it might be worth trying to give the chocolate a miss as it contains lots of caffeine and see if the AF settles down . On a personal level I find an unusual level of sugar ( eating a bar of chocolate ) makes my heart rate increase and each beat is more forceful . Unpleasant so I try ( ! ) to avoid being naughty !!!

Carry on the good work

Jean x


I can't have caffeine. The candies I east are for my depression. Chocolate helps stop my depression.


Hi Ruby - unfortunately chocolate contains a lot caffeine, as does coke - add the sugar and that is a pretty potent mix for us AFers.

Try eating walnuts instead. They have a similar effect to chocolate for depression but without the caffeine and sugar. Not quite the same taste bud satisfaction but then not the AF side kick so there are benefits.

Best wishes CD


Hi Ruby, it's good that you sound as though you are getting better slowly, but like Granny, I too would be concerned about the chocolate.

I used to eat chocolate to help my depression, but had my worst ever AFib attack after a bar of chocolate one night, ended up in Coronary care, with a heart rate of over 220.

I'm not saying I have given it up for good, but now I only nibble on a small piece on a day where I am feeling well!


I found some chocolate-coated walnuts. Because the walnuts are (very healthy) fat and protein they filled me up so I didn't need to eat so many. Also they come in small packets, so one isn't tempted to eat so many! Great to hear you're doing so well.

Every good wish,



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