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Good news


I just wanted to share some good news. I had a bumpy start to the year in hospital Christmas morning in af although on meds because of a virus. So new year wasn't the greatest. Some disappointing news about my kidney function and lots of triops to Gp and hospital. However having recently retired and inheriting my partners mother's dog I felt I needed to make some further changes to my lifestyle which I would like to share as I have really felt the benefit and I realise we are all different in our journey of af. I lost weight only a stone but it made a difference I felt better about myself. I do between 8000 and 10000 steps a day not always but that's the aim. I have stopped eating red meat just chicken and fish with lots of vegetables. This has meant more visits to the warfarin clinic. I see more of my friends which retirement allows. I do things that I enjoy and cut the stress by practicing mindfulness. Symptoms of ectopics have reduced greatly and although I get tired it's a good tired. Having a dog has also been so therapeutic so could recommend. There might only be one of the above that might be useful to try but i thought i would share. I also want to thank you all for always being supportive in the more difficult and worrying times which I know I will have but currently there are some good things happening. Best wishes.

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This is what is good about this forum people like you with good uplifting news. Many come here looking for answers that cannot be given but such good news offers hope that there is more to life than dealing with the oppression of AF.


Chris147 in reply to pottypete1

Thank you and thank you for your support c

Hi Chris - what a lovely, inspiring post. Very well done you. I have done similar although I can’t walk or exercise because of another condition as much as I did or would like to.. I also find getting an infection to be one of the main antagonists now, as well as moving after eating.

I am reading Dr Mosley’s - Fast Diet - and I am trying to lose another stone, very slow going as I hit a plateau after the first stone coming off quite quickly, but the suggestions and explanations in the book have helped me understand and I have changed the way I eat carbs and that seems to be the big one for me, as well as fasting for 14 out of every 24 hours and having 2 days a week with very low calorie intake. I can’t fast during the day as I have too many pills to take, which if not taken with food upset my GI tract.

It is personal and it takes time to find the coping methodology that works for you but I am sure that your post will lift and help many readers,

Best wishes and stay well.

Chris147 in reply to CDreamer

I think we find ways that suit us individually to improve our lifestyle. Thank you for being supportive c


Chris this is really good news and helps emphasise the message we have been putting out for some time that life style changes are often better than any medicine.

Chris147 in reply to BobD

Bob you have always been a great support to me and I can only say thank you c 😊

Oh Chris, thank you for your lovely inspiring post. This is just what we want to hear. Life can be good if you make it so - despite AF. Keeping good friends, getting out etc. are so important. I volunteer as a room guide for the National Trust in one of their most beautiful house and gardens. It feeds my soul when I go there and also as a teenager I used to live on a farm just down the road from it. So being there just feels right, it was the last home where I lived with my parents before getting married. I enjoy meeting people and when on duty can sit for as long as I want should I feel the need. I love it and my life.

What type of dog did you get?


Hi Jean you are one of the people that are so supportive to me so may I thank you personally. I have a 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier she is such a poppet dear little thing. Very demanding in a good way and has certainly demanded my time and attention. I have had her since end of January. It forces me to get up and out for her walk and just generally keeps me occupied however I feel and us a distraction. I am looking myself to volunteer I did years ago but taking my time to think where I want to offer my time. You sound like you are very happy in your volunteers role sounds ideal Jean. Best wishes Chris 😊

That all sounds good to me, check out supplements as well, particularly Mg and Co Q10, ideally should be (my Naturopath's advice) at the top of the normal range and the latter even a tad higher for AF suspects. I am increasingly believing the Mind can be used more to avoid AF indirectly; to explain my thinking - new diet, new activities, real focus on positives of the day, feeling in control of your treatment all reduce stress and relax the gut, stopping the Vagus Nerve causing trouble.

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