Almost had it

I slept in a bit, had my breakfast drink made by my wonderful husband, took had a short nap. I walked to my living room to get out of my comfort zone for a bit. Started my cycle instead. I cleaned my couch changed and cleaned up then fixed a little lunch. I talked to an old friend for over an hour or so before husband came home. Well I have company that I am very glad to have here to help my husband with the house. So as I sat and talked to her all of a sudden I get my heart rate jumped a bit and my adrenaline rush a bit. I froze. I stopped talking, my eyes froze and my toes didn't even twitch. I took my meds as fast as I could. I took 20 mg of Valium and sat still. Now I did get my cycle today. I always had my shocks or hospital stays during my cycle time. The week before, during or after. Today was a surprise. I had weak knees and was extremely cautious all day but I was talking to a guest when my panic happened. My wonderful husband helped me excuse myself and I retired to my bedroom.

I didn't break down and cry or get myself so wound up to make things worse. I took it easy and everything is ok. That I am proud of. Now I will keep moving forward little at a time until I'm back up to my stride.

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  • Wow Ruby. Well done you are star quality!!

  • Sounds like you handled it well good news.

    Onwards and upwards.


  • One step at a time Ruby and you will get confidence grows, anxiety goes.....I just made that up, but I think it's true, what do you think?

  • You coped well Ruby and it sounds as though up to that worrying event you had been having a good day. I can see lots more good days ahead for you now. I think you may well be over the worst period, onwards and upwards as they say, but take it slowly. x

  • Good for you Ruby onwards and upwards xx

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