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Ok maybe a little step back

So the doc did a bunch of tests. Seems I have a little fluid sitting in between the membrane of my lungs. It appears after surgery. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it just irritates the linings. Mine just irritated the lining. I was given tramadol to help get rid if the inflammation. Hopefully soon I will go home and hubby won't be mad at me and he will have a good day tomorrow.

I sure would love to do something around the house to please my husband tomorrow.

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Dear Ruby - I think you need to focus less on pleasing your husband and more focus on getting well. You have been through a lot recently and need all your energy and focus on yourself.

Healing wishes CD xx


Amen to that!


Ruby, why on earth would your husband be mad at you? You are still recovering from your procedure and need love and sympathy. Is it just that you are feeling guilty for not being able to help around the house? If so don't, allow yourself time to get well as it's still early days. You will look back on this time and wonder why you thought you had to rush to be well after all you've been through.

Big healing hug.

Jean x


You take care of yourself be careful with that tramadol it doesn't suit everyone


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