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A little advice please

Hi, this is the first time I have posted on this site. I was waiting until after I have seen the cardiologist, so that I know what type of Afib I have? I seem to have a bit of everything,judging by the post on this site :-D. I have 'bag of frogs' in chest area,missed heartbeats, fast heart beats 160/170 bpm which last for between 6-8hrs and sometimes during this I feel I'm going to black out,but don't. I'm due to see cardiologist 31 August. This appointment has been put back four times so far. I will be 80 in a few weeks. I wonder if I'm being delayed because of this. Had a bad episode last night so feeling a bit fed up. I'm in fairly good health otherwise except for a bit of arthritis and feeling tired. Thanks Christine

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I suggest you try a good multi-vitamin-and-mineral from a health food shop for three months or more, if you don't take one. Also magnesium may help - search on here using the search box at the top right hand of the screen.

Also eat as healthily as possible, avoiding processed food, sugar, artificial sweeteners, aspartame and monosodium glutamate, and including lots of fruit and vegetables. Anything which improves our general health will help our heart health.


Hello Christine and welcome to the forum. It's always difficult to make any assessments about AF because it can effect people in so many different ways and there are also many variations as well. In simple terms, there are two types of AF. One where the heartbeat is either fast or slow but beats in an irregular manner and it stays that way virtually all the time. This is known as persistent or in extreme cases, permanent AF. The other is paroxysmal AF which is where the heart funtions normally then all of a sudden, and often with no warning, all the symptoms referred to above kick in and can last for a variable amount of time. From what you have said, it sounds like you have paroxysmal AF, but I'm no medic so please keep an open mind! It is so disappointing when they muck about with appointments and the only thing I can suggest is that you either ring, or write to the cardiologists secretary explaining how many times your appointment has been cancelled and that you are otherwise in good health, but the effect of the AF is now taking it's toll so please could you see the cardiologist as soon as possible.

Also, can I assume you are taking an anti-coagulant as this is very important......good luck


Christine my advice is go straight back to your gp and stamp your feet. To have your appt put back 4 times is unacceptable. Insist your gp writes to the consultant. When my recent ablation was being continually put back one letter from my gp to the consultant did the trick.

Good luck and I hope you get sorted asap.



Could you afford an initial private consultation with the cardiologist? Appointments can be within a few days or a week. It can be very helpful to bring you into the system, so that you get any tests you need, have a diagnosis and start appropriate treatment. After one private session, the cardio can book you in for other things on the NHS, but at least it will get you started and relieve the anxiety of waiting.


Thank you KathFrancis, A private consultation with an EP is the next thing on my list, if my appointment with the cardiologist is'nt brought forward. I have had lots of tests ECG'S ,echocardiogram blood tests and xrays. I don't have any results of these test until I see the Cardiologist and can ask some questions. A&E and my GP put me on beta blockers and Apixaban.So I am being looked after.That was all in place by late April. Its just that my appointment with cardiologist has been changed yet again, and its not until end of August. I'm anxious to try to do more to make the episodes less frequent and shorter. I would like to try Magnesium and Q10 and maybe other things to control Afib. I would like to know the test results before I embark on this. Thaks again for your good advice. Christine


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