Olive Leaf Extract and AF medications

Does anyone take Olive Leaf Extract as a natural supplement? Apparently it has proven benefits for lowering blood pressure (a calcium channel blocker) , and also as an anti-coagulant (prevents platelet aggregation). I'm on Apixaban and Verapamil and wondered if it would be safe to take olive leaf as well, as it has other benefits too.

Just wondering if anyone has also considered this product and asked medical or pharmacy advice?

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  • WE are not medical experts here so always discuss any supplement with you doctor or pharmacist

  • Yes, I'm going to ask for advice. I just wondered if anyone else had already asked and what they'd been advised, just curious :o)

  • Your pharmacist is the expert to tell you if there would be interaction with the drugs you are currently taking. Olive leaf is definitely touted to have many health benefits including lowering blood pressure and triglycerides, but ALWAYS check with your health team before adding a supplement!

  • Just back from Greece olive groves all over maybe should have nibbled a few leaves lol. Seriously though always check supplements won't affect efficacy of drugs your on

  • Or maybe if we ate right and produced good food as it was meant to be we wouldn't have to take the drugs, just a thought.

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