I had my first ablation yesterday, the procedure went well and I was allowed home later that day. I am at home resting and being pampered by my husband 😁. As expected I am still in a fair bit of discomfort but especially across my chest by my shoulders, has anyone else experienced this? I am taking paracetamol but wondered if I could take co-codamol instead. Thanks

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  • This is all quiet normal and should start to improve in a few days. Do nothing for the first week and not a ,lot more the second and then ease back gently and slowly. It takes at least three to six months for full recovery so don't worry if you have a few set backs along the way. All normal. Just watch the codeine content as you don't really want constipation as well at this tender time.

  • Thanks Bob

  • Hi I had mine a week ago and had exactly the same symptom of pain across the chest. A week later the pain has eased but I'm still breathless and tired but just to reassure the pain does ease. I kept on paracetamol at home but they gave me codine in hospital. I'm following Bobs advice of rest, rest, rest

    Best wishes


  • Reassuring to know it eases, I will continue to follow Bob's advice of resting. Hope you recover well too. Take care.

  • I had an ablation 4 weeks ago and experienced the pain you are talking about for about 6 days post procedure, it settled down after that.... stay away from codeine as Bob says constipation isn't pleasant.

  • I am continuing with the paracetamol but did have co codamol last night to help me sleep. Hope you are recovering well.

  • I've had a lot of pain post both ablations. Especially a very raw feeling. Glad to say after my 2nd one less than pain than the first one. If you are fine with co-codamol then worth a try. Hope your recovery goes well.

  • Hi Kate, I do feel a bit raw, reassuring to know it won't last. Just using co-codamol of a night to help me sleep a bit better. Take care.

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